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See Forward C> launches Mobile App targeted to change mindset and improve wellbeing

See Forward C> has developed a personal development solution that helps people and companies to cope with the continuing changes in personal lives and working environments. A mindset shift is pursued.

The mobile app provides positive thinking reinforcement programmes for employees & leaders, each with embedded positive thinking components.

C> delivers change in bite-size programmes. Daily use of the app helps users to improve their personal development and track their own progress.

In order to reach the well-being they seek and improve general mental health, a minimum amount of effort is required from the people who commit themselves and interact regularly with this personal development tool. The C> app is only beneficial to users who seek or want to commit to long-term change.

People gain clarity on mental loops and biases that hinder happiness and stop them from achieving their true potential.

The mobile app has diversified benefits by helping people improve their well-being, mental, social and physical aspects of health.

See Forward C> uses a set of patterns and processes based on how the brain learns in order to train our mind by applying techniques derived from psychology, neuro-linguistic programming and the latest scientific research. The programmes are designed to increase awareness and mental strength, and help people cope better with everyday stressors.

The app is available for both iOS (Source) and Android (Source) devices.

The specialists behind C> are consultants and advisors with expertise in psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, career progression, personal development, coaching and hypnotherapy.

For further details, please contact See Forward C> at, or by phone at +447379 124848.