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So, what’s on your wish list for Valentine’s Day…?

Oh gosh, really…? What’s wrong with a hot bath, a glass of Prosecco and an episode or two of Russian Doll (if you’ve not discovered this on Netflix, do so now)?

So, apparently, a quarter of Brits say the ‘perfect’ Valentine’s night ends in sex. A poll of 2,000 men and women asked them to list their top five activities for a dream Valentine’s Night and the results are in…

Most men would like a drink, a meal and sex. (Did we need a poll for that?)

But the majority of women would prefer a takeaway and a bottle of wine to a night of steaming passion.

The research was carried out by Lottoland, with CEO Nigel Birrell saying: “If you’re looking for a way to impress your date this Valentine’s Day, this survey proves that you don’t need to be flash.

“It’s great to see that spending the evening with our partners is a strong favourite, and clearly, we just want to do things together in a world where we are glued to our smartphones and our collective idea of indulgence is binge watching a box set online.

Anyway… according to the survey, the top five Valentine’s Day activities for men and women:

Women’s top five:
1. Meal in a restaurant
2. Takeaway and a bottle of wine
3. A good conversation
4. Sex with partner
5. Reading a book

Men’s top five:
1. Meal in a restaurant
2. Sex with partner
3. A drink in the local pub
4. Takeaway and a bottle of wine
5. Watching sport on TV