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    So, what’s on your wish list for Valentine’s Day…?

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    Oh gosh, really…? What’s wrong with a hot bath, a glass of Prosecco and an episode or two of Russian Doll (if you’ve not discovered this on Netflix, do so now)? So, apparently, a quarter of Brits say the ‘perfect’ Valentine’s night ends in sex. A poll of 2,000 men and women asked them to […]

    Valentine’s Day is approaching – But are you married to your job?

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    If you worry that you’re ‘married to the job’, you’re not alone – a huge number of Brits think they are too, and it’s often having a negative effect on their relationships. A recent survey of 2,000 employed adults found 45 per cent habitually work outside of their contracted hours for over an hour a […]

    Opinion: The importance of having a personalised approach in hospitality

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    First impressions count for everything in business, making the importance of offering a personalised approach even more crucial. Natalie Joyce, head of entree reception services at Vacherin, shares her tips to ensure businesses are delivering the best service to clients.  In the words of the author Maya Angelou: “People will forget what you said, people will […]

    The power of relationships at work

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    As a PA the future of maintaining your current role will be to create emotional relationships at work to make your boss realise you are indispensable but do our emotional connections have a bigger impact on our working lives than we realise? In her talk at the Unleash World Conference and Expo in Amsterdam, psychotherapist […]

    Would you put a price on your relationship?

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    Millions of Brits have revealed they would trade in their relationship and even ditch their spouse for as little £50,000, but how far would you go for a pay rise? In recent months, pay growth across the country has been seen to have eroded despite more people in work, and it seems plenty of Brits […]

    Half of office workers fantasise about their colleagues

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    Around half of all workers fantasise about sleeping with a colleague, client or superior, according to new research. The study by office supplier Printerland.co.uk examined what the British public think about their colleagues and revealed that while around half have thought about sharing their bed with a co-worker, a quarter have actually had an office […]