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Social media is changing our attitudes at work

Social media is affecting the way we present ourselves in the office, according to findings from London Offices. The research revealed that many office workers are getting more tongue-in-cheek with their out of office auto-responses, in ways replicating how they present themselves on more casual social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The report showed that plenty of employees are using their out of office responses as an opportunity to boast about their personal exploits. London Offices believe we’re becoming a ‘bragging’ nation by including details of our home life including life events such as weddings and new babies as well as their holiday destinations, sometimes even including pictures.

‘Humble braggers’ will often mask their boasting with humour and self-deprecation, although still showing off in what could be considered inappropriate and unprofessional when representing you and your company to clients and potential clients. Specialists at London Offices are concerned that social media is blurring the line between professional and unprofessional environments, and workers need to remember when it’s appropriate to discuss your holidays.

“We are all used to seeing people share details of how incredible their lives are on social media and many of us feel a need to compete or keep up with others who seem to be leading a more perfect life than we are,” said London Offices’ Chris Meredith. “Many workers, particularly young professionals, don’t stop to consider who this information will be sent out to. An auto responder will send this email to everyone who drops you a line over the next two weeks.”

London Offices has put together a list of some of the worst offenders they’ve come across this summer:

‘Thanks for the email, I’ve been very lucky and managed to get tickets to Wimbledon so won’t be back in the office now until Friday the 7th.’

‘I am currently soaking up the sun and eating allllll the feta cheese in Greece.’

‘I’ve abandoned London, flown across the pond and set up camp in NYC for the summer to work for a cool magazine, drink cocktails and eat bagels.’

‘I’m on a trip trying to find Komodo Dragons in Indonesia.’

Has social media changed the way you work, even if it’s for the better? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.