• Specialist knowledge valued more than tech

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    Human intuition is still more highly valued than tech by executives, according to recruitment and procurement specialist 1st Executive. Concerned that people are being overlooked as technology continues to innovate and change the working world, 1st Executive is highlighting the risk companies face by depending too much on algorithms and systems over life experience.

    Recognising the talent available at companies will not only improve the morale of employees but can also positively impact the company overall as choices with greater risk can have a bigger payoff. Understanding the dynamics of different companies and how staff work with each other can massively benefit where numbers and spreadsheets fail, according to the specialists.

    “Business is essentially about relationships with people,” said James Tucker, co-managing director of 1st Executive. “Let’s not fall into the trap that many functions have done and forget the importance of the human element, after all, there is only so much that can be automated.”

    Developing relationships with workers within a company and beyond can define and build new business ties, and 1st Executive wants to emphasise that while tech is still a vital tool in the digital age, it should be used as a springboard for people instead of an outright replacement. Discussing their functions, James Tucker wanted stress how technology should be used to create value rather than take over from existing roles.

    “It’s concerning that firms are relying on these systems that clearly don’t calculate the full value that suppliers can provide,” concluded Tucker. “Ultimately, if you don’t get the right talent in then the vision of 100% value creation is unlikely to ever become a reality.”


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