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      Support your employees working from home with London Bushcraft

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      Are you looking for ways to support your employee’s during lockdown while working from home and home-schooling? London Bushcraft are offering interactive, fun and educational online sessions for children that need minimal parental assistance.

      The sessions are getting great feedback from children and parents while teaching them about nature and survival skills. 

      During the 5 sessions over the week, the children will:

      • Learn about the Stone Age,
      • Grow food in a jar
      • Make a survival water filer
      • Learn about expeditions to Antarctica and make survival biscuits
      • Make a compass 

      For more information:  https://www.londonbushcraft.com/online-bushcraft-courses

      Contact us to organise a group for your employee’s children to participate in this week long course. Courses will be bespoke for your company.

      Email: office@londonbushcraft.com