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Surprising ways CBD can help your focus and productivity 

Everyone seems to be talking about CBD at the moment.

From CBD coffee as a morning pick-me-up to CBD bath bombs to help you unwind before bed, to CBD capsules to manage arthritis pain, there seems to be a CBD product for just about anything and everything.  

That also extends into your working day. While CBD’s uses as an analgesic or a stress reliever are quite well known, the cannabinoid has also been shown to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors to improve focus and concentration.

Here are some of the ways CBD can boost productivity by helping you be more focused during working hours. 

Reduced stress means better decisions

Now more than ever, we are all facing heightened levels of stress and anxiety. Aside from the fact that feeling anxious is no fun and can lead to other physical and physiological problems, it is also bad for business. Some people say they “thrive of stress,” but in 90 percent of cases, that is pure bravado. The truth is when you’re stressed, it is harder to think clearly and your decision-making skills will inevitably be adversely affected. 

CBD works on the endocannabinoid system in clever ways, boosting serotonin while inhibiting production of cortisol. In short, it cuts out the negativity, increases happy thoughts and means you can do what you do best with a clear and uncluttered head. 

Bringing smoke breaks into the 2020s

The cigarette break used to be a vital part of the working day in the late 20th century. Today, of course, we know better about the dangers of smoking. However, that ten minute stroll outside, away from the screen and the phone, is something you can still enjoy.  

The modern equivalent of the cigarette is the vape, of course. It is not recommended to suddenly adopt a nicotine habit, but choosing a CBD vape from a well-known brand like Cibdol has become a popular alternative to CBD drops and capsules. The clever thing about this is that by inhaling vaporised CBD, it can get to work much faster, as it does not have to travel through the entire digestive system before it enters the bloodstream.

Reducing those physical tics

Have you ever seen F1 boss Christian Horner sitting at his console on the pit wall during a race, with his foot tapping at around 200 beats per minute? Many of us have similar nervous tics while we are at work, but luckily for us, they are not usually broadcast all around the world.  

Whether it’s a Horner-style foot-tap or a twitching eyebrow, tics are a sign of stress. The problem is that once you notice them, they also become a distraction. CBD helps you to relax, and although clinical trials are still ongoing, the anecdotal evidence is that it helps to keep those tics away for good.  

Make the most of your day

These are just a few of the ways CBD can help you get the best from your working day. Give them a try, and when it is time to finish for the day, you’ll know you have fully deserved that CBD bath – and maybe even a glass of CBD wine!

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay.

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