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    Surprising ways CBD can help your focus and productivity 

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    Everyone seems to be talking about CBD at the moment. From CBD coffee as a morning pick-me-up to CBD bath bombs to help you unwind before bed, to CBD capsules to manage arthritis pain, there seems to be a CBD product for just about anything and everything.   That also extends into your working day. While […]

    PA Life LIVE Post Covid-19 Lockdown digital conference – first speakers revealed

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    The first speakers for next Wednesday’s PA Life LIVE event have been announced. The free event – Post Covid-10 Lockdown Reboot: Helping Your Company Return To Business – will focus on five key areas:- Risk Assessment & Planning For A Safe Office Planning For A New Kind Of Office Christmas Party Keeping Your Teams Well & […]

    Lockdown: Why it’s more important than ever for senior teams to be visible

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    PA Life spoke to Tom Baigrie, founder and CEO of the UK’s leading life insurance broker, LifeSearch, which employs 500 staff across the UK. With teams spread around the country while keeping safe during the pandemic , it’s more important than ever for senior people to lead from the top, to ensure that morale as […]

    5 motivation hacks that actually work

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    For employers and employees alike, there is one aim when it comes to making a workplace better. The end goal is always to create a better working environment that motivates staff, encourages productivity and produces great results. So, how do we stay motivated? Employees need to enjoy their work and have the resources in order […]

    Eight Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Career All Year Round

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    According to a YouGov survey, priorities for 2019 included travel, getting a promotion or pay rise, followed by the resolution to improve mental health. This also includes people looking to eat better, exercise more, care for themselves better, learn new skills and get a new job. However, a survey conducted by Investors People had found 45% […]

    Why every manager needs empathy, optimism and resilience – and how to achieve it

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    What sorts of skills do managers really need? Ensuring that your team is happy is vital to productivity, energy levels and workplace wellbeing. Skills and effective behaviours expert Emma-Sue Prince (pictured) explains… You are probably used to tapping into a variety of skills, techniques and competences to manage people, teams and get the most out […]

    Top stories of the week

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    As we continue to keep you informed on what’s happening in the events world and up to date, don’t forget to check us out on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. How to motivate yourself to get back to work in January  Going back to work in January is for most people, the least motivated you’ll feel all year, due to […]

    How to motivate yourself to get back to work in January

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    Going back to work in January is for most people, the least motivated you’ll feel all year, due to the early sunsets and dragging ourselves out of bed after enjoying a week of lie-ins. Vincenzo Ferrara shares some helpful hints below to give you the best advice that should help you feel more awake and motivated […]

    How long does it take you to get ‘back into the saddle’ after the festive break

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    Re-adjusting to early mornings, a mountain of work that piled up over the festive break and dealing with challenging clients are all things that take their toll in early January. The majority of us won’t start functioning properly until almost a full working week has passed, a new study has discovered. The research of 2,000 […]

    How to stop distractions at work

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    The working environment is a mix of distractions that may seem professional, but really do get in the way and cause you to lose your working motivation. As a PA some are unavoidable such as talking to your boss, while others are little parts of your day where you should concentrate on your work but […]

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