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    Businesses must act now to hold on to most valuable asset

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    By Nicole Alvino, Co-Founder and CSO, Firstup… Employees across the globe are voting with their feet, with a well-documented post-pandemic resignation boom already underway. It seems that the last eighteen months or so has given people the time to pause for thought, to reflect on their workplace environment, and many it seems are becoming disillusioned […]

    Need a pick me up? Here are the top 40 Brit boosters

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    Brits need three ‘boosts’ to get them through a typical day – with the first required as early as 9:12am. Research of 2,000 adults revealed those aged between 18-24 need the most boosts, with adults between 55-64 requiring least. The biggest pick-me-ups were found to be getting some good news, the sun shining and getting […]

    828,000 UK workers currently struggling with mental health problems

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    As April is Stress Awareness Month, Instant Offices researched how the last year has affected employee mental health – but also what business and individual employees can do to improve and support mental health. As remote working has been the new normal for the last year, self-isolation and health-related anxiety have created a general sense of unease for many […]

    The Emotionally Intelligent Executive Assistant – free webinar!

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    Register today for this free webinar from Global PA, which will give you a motivational boost. The Emotionally Intelligent Executive Assistant webinar takes place on Tuesday March 30th. It takes more than cognitive intelligence to be a success in life and at work. It has been confirmed by research that emotional competence is twice as […]

    Workplace learnings from life in lockdown

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    By Andry Anastasis McFarlane (pictured), author of The Really Resilient Guide This last year has shown us many things about how we as individuals and businesses handle change and uncertainty. And how resilient we really are. What are some of the other bigger lessons we’ve been learning about ourselves and our lives and working lives […]

    Seven ways to stay motivated while working from home

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    With most of the country on strict lockdown and no prospect of returning to the office any time soon, 2021 is playing out like much of last year. People all over the country are understandably frustrated and tired. With uncertainty around the future and remote working continuing for most, staying motivated at work is crucial […]

    Surprising ways CBD can help your focus and productivity 

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    Everyone seems to be talking about CBD at the moment. From CBD coffee as a morning pick-me-up to CBD bath bombs to help you unwind before bed, to CBD capsules to manage arthritis pain, there seems to be a CBD product for just about anything and everything.   That also extends into your working day. While […]

    PA Life LIVE Post Covid-19 Lockdown digital conference – first speakers revealed

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    The first speakers for next Wednesday’s PA Life LIVE event have been announced. The free event – Post Covid-10 Lockdown Reboot: Helping Your Company Return To Business – will focus on five key areas:- Risk Assessment & Planning For A Safe Office Planning For A New Kind Of Office Christmas Party Keeping Your Teams Well & […]

    Lockdown: Why it’s more important than ever for senior teams to be visible

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    PA Life spoke to Tom Baigrie, founder and CEO of the UK’s leading life insurance broker, LifeSearch, which employs 500 staff across the UK. With teams spread around the country while keeping safe during the pandemic , it’s more important than ever for senior people to lead from the top, to ensure that morale as […]

    5 motivation hacks that actually work

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    For employers and employees alike, there is one aim when it comes to making a workplace better. The end goal is always to create a better working environment that motivates staff, encourages productivity and produces great results. So, how do we stay motivated? Employees need to enjoy their work and have the resources in order […]