Tackle difficult conversations at the PA Life Training Day

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Ever find yourself stuck in a challenging situation with no positive outcome in sight? Janet Rawson from Twisted Events Presents will teach you practical tips and tricks to handle difficult work conversations at the next PA Life Training Day.

Janet is a Learning and Development Consultant with a passion for utilising the power of drama-based training within the corporate world. She has been involved in designing and delivering experiential training programmes for the last 25 years with organisations in both the public and private sectors. Since 2009, her company Twisted Events Presents has been at the cutting edge of creating and developing exciting, innovative programmes, bringing learning to life through dramatic means.

During her session, Janet will focus on how to tackle difficult work conversations in order to achieve the best outcome for both parties. She’ll cover how to maximise your communication style by focusing on active listening, body language, vocal tone, congruence and seeking to understand each other to work towards a positive conclusion. The session will take on the form of a Forum Theatre, a highly interactive, drama-based training style that is ideal for larger groups.

The next PA Life Training Day takes place on 22 June at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel. Attendees can choose from a half-day programme for £175+VAT, or a full day for £295+VAT. There are also discounts available for PA Life Club members and groups of three or more. For more information or to register as a delegate, visit palife.co.uk/training-day.

Suppliers interested in attending the Training Day should contact Charlotte Russell, Media Sales Manager, at charlotte.russell@palife.co.uk, or on 01992 374080.

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