TEAM BUILDING: Teams Unpuzzled – You’re not on mute, you’re on a murder investigation!

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By Teams Unpuzzled

Did you manage to enjoy a Christmas party in 2020? When was the last time your team managed to spend any time together chatting about something other than work?

The world of team building has changed dramatically; the need for it is even greater but the ability to deliver it face to face has disappeared (for now… roll on June!)

Like the rest of the world, Teams Unpuzzled went virtual last year and over the past few months they’ve successfully delivered team building events, Christmas entertainment and even birthday parties online to thousands of people from global corporates to small businesses.

Their real-life events take team building to a mysterious and murderous level and their virtual events are no different.  But how do you run a murder mystery online? Founder Helen explains:

“Every good murder mystery needs a victim, some suspects, and a detective to solve it!  We’ve kept all the elements from our live events but embraced the technology, using pre-recorded videos of the crime scene and suspect interviews. To us though, the most important element is the interaction with real people, and that’s why every event is run by at least two actors in character to create a fully rounded experience using breakout rooms, polls and screen sharing. The breakout rooms are vital, particularly in large groups when some of the quieter voices can get lost; our mini teams get the chance to really discuss what they’ve discovered and work together so everyone gets a say.”

So, Teams Unpuzzled are looking positively to the future; when the world starts to emerge and we’re able to get back to face to face activities, their clients will have that extra choice; shall we solve a murder mystery online or in real life?

Prices start at £350 for a team of 20 hosted by 2 actors.

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