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    The Cooking Academy – Virtual cookery team building events

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    By The Cooking Academy

    Working from home has become the new normal! Although it’s still not possible to meet in large social groups, there’s no reason why teams can’t still participate in group activities.  Maintaining social contact and having workplace fun is essential to building ‘team-spirit’ and making people still feel connected to their colleagues.

    Our virtual team building cookery events are as bespoke as you like and ensure that individuals working remotely are still able to have social interaction with team members, clients, or the organisation as a whole. Our aim is to create wonderful memories for your group activities, share laughter, and have fun all from the comfort of your own home.  Cook together, eat together and most importantly continue to strengthen your team bond together.

    We provide a range of online programmes to suit your objectives including:

    • Cook with the MasterChef Cookery activities
    • Ready Steady Cook!
    • Sensory cooking with herbs for improved mental health
    • Weekly or fortnightly cookery Masterclasses for employee engagement and wellbeing
    • Wine tasting events – wines from around the world with wine educators
    • The Workplace Wellness Programme – a series of virtual masterclasses to build a resilient workforce

    A variety of ‘Wellness in the Workplace’ presentations:

    • The 2nd brain in your Gut
    • The Impact of Sleep on the Brain
    • Eat yourself Fit
    • Eating for Immunity
    • The Alchemy of Food
    • The Corporate Athlete – How to build your resilience

    Our activities are highly inspiring, engaging and stimulating, whilst being educational and most of all fun!

    We have a wide range of menus available that will get you and your team cooking up a storm. From Grilled Korean chicken Tacos, Sweet soy Chicken with Asian noodles, healthy vegan recipes and even a Bake-Off option!

    Enquire today with a group size, time and a date for a personalised event proposal!

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