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    The PA Way launches a new app for assistants

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    The PA Way has built an app to connect, empower and reward its members.

    The PA Way app launches this month to be placed at the gold fingertips of PAs, EAs, VAs and office admins; helping them to make more informed buying decisions. Through a range of affiliated and approved partners, users will be able to tap into a personal concierge service to aid everything from meetings and team building, to gifting and bookings. Billed as ‘The Luxe List’, The PA Way’s members will enjoy a range of personalised perks from hotels, chauffeurs, restaurants, and more.

    In addition to the corporate enquiry and booking element, The PA Way app will also build on its networking and development credentials, with a social network created exclusively for its assistant members. Users can connect through the ‘Squad Chat’, as well as share best practice in the “Assistants Assistant” showcase; sharing industry hints, tips and advice to fellow peers.

    The ‘All-Star Academy’ also provides an online digital library full of resources and training from experts across the professional sector, as well as a jam-packed calendar of monthly events.

    Developed during the pandemic, when assistants were put to the test adapting to a more virtual way of working and facing even bigger demand from employers, the app has been created to suit the demand that The PA Way has seen over the past 12 months.

    Founder Skevi Constantinou, comments: “There’s no doubting just how tough the last year has been for assistants – even before the pandemic, the demand on our time has always far outweighed the hours that we have in the day and that’s why I created The PA Way. I wanted a network that brought assistants together to help and support one another, whilst also providing opportunities for us to further develop ourselves and our skills.

    There’s often very little reward for assistants and admin support, and little to no budget for personal and professional development. Like many, I was funding anything like this out of my own pocket, so I decided to shake things up and create something that assistants just like me wanted. The PA Way is about levelling up and being heard, and now the app gives us the chance to grow our collective voice and connect with people all over the world. I’m so excited to see my vision come to life!”

    The PA Way was founded by Skevi in 2018 whilst she was still in a full-time EA role. Having been subject to office bullying throughout her career, she saw first-hand how little support there was for assistants and administration executives.

    Skevi, said: “I saw the vision for The PA Way in a dream, when times were tough for me. All I had was my Wi-Fi connection, a dream and my dining table, and now it has grown into one of the leading assistant networks, which shows me just how needed it was. It’s not your average platform; there’s no vanilla branding or stock images of stereotypes – The PA Way is about empowering the heart of the workforce, both men and women, giving them confidence and showing them just how valued they are!”

    The PA Way community is known as ‘The Squad’ and membership is called ‘Loyal Royal’. Skevi has created a much-sought membership where assistants get access to monthly live events, a digital learning library, inspirational stationery, discounted tickets, steals and deals, and much more. Each month members have access to live learning with an expert in the industry plus ‘Loyal Royal Round Ups’ where members come together to have a virtual catch-up and share stories.

    Awarded the ‘Prestige Award for Professional Lifestyle Platform of the Year 2020/21’, The PA Way has had amazing success in its three short years. Now in 11 countries, its members have seen pay rises, promotions, changes in job titles, training and development, and an increased level of confidence as a result of membership. Organisations are also now buying corporate memberships for their office support professionals.

    Skevi has tirelessly campaigned for assistants in organisations to be rewarded, recognised and invested in as many companies do not set aside training budgets for their administrative support employees. Now she hopes to expand the reach of The PA Way and make it a truly global network; with the app to be closely followed by the launch of her ‘CEO Glow Coaching Academy’, which will offer self-love masterclasses, Law of Attraction mindset, confidence and success coaching, and more.

    To find out more about The PA Way and sign up to the app, visit www.thepaway.co.uk.

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