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    The Virtual Labyrinth: A new and unique team building experience

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    By Bright Vision Events

    Virtual team building is booming for so many reasons. Every company is aiming to stay connected, reward its staff and enhance team cohesion, but is just any activity suitable for your needs? The purpose of team building is to motivate individuals to work together, to develop their strengths and create unity.

    As experienced corporate event providers, we understand what is required to make a successful team building event and have used this understanding to design our latest product, the Virtual Labyrinth.

    This is a new and exciting team building challenge for groups working virtually. We believe we have created a unique experience to bring your remote teams together in a fun and engaging way whilst promoting communication and collaboration between the participants. Using our knowledge of how to run a great team building event in the physical world, we’ve been able to apply this to our new virtual product to create something rather special.

    Our Virtual Labyrinth combines a series of cryptic and intellectual problems with the emphasis on communication and remote collaboration. Each activity brings a new puzzle to the players which they will discuss, plan, and solve together as a team. Using their deductive and reasoning skills each team will navigate their way through the series of puzzles to complete the challenge which can be played by one group alone or team against team in a multi-group activity.

    The event will put your colleagues to the test as they work their way through the multiple challenges, each of which offer something unique and different to get people talking and discussing ideas. Your groups will soon find that teamwork is key if they want to come out victorious.

    With no downloads required, this is a professionally hosted challenge delivered live online, using video conferencing and an internet browser. Real time assistance is provided by our highly experienced facilitators who will guide your guests through the challenges and can fire up enthusiasm in even the most reserved of groups.

    Bright Vision is passionate about creating and providing the highest quality team building events for our clients and would be delighted to hear from you.

    Tel No: 01925 770 933

    Contact email: Enquiry@brightvisionevents.co.uk


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