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    The Wellbeing Interior Trends to Know

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    “One positive thing to come out of the past year is a change in attitude towards wellbeing,” says Tara Williams, founder of Conscious Spaces. “There’s been an awakening. People have discovered first-hand just how much your indoor environment can impact your health.”

    “For too long, we’ve ignored what our buildings are made of, how much light they let in,” comments Tara. “But months at home have brought these topics to the surface.”

    Read on for Tara’s predictions for the top wellbeing interior trends for the year ahead.

    Flexible Rooms

    “We think 2021 will see a shift away from open-plan living and a move towards more flexible rooms that allow each family member their own space. Movable partitions, internal walls with windows and glass doors can give more privacy while maintaining a sense of flow.”

    Good tech hygiene

    “Yes, technology can enable us to do amazing things, but there’s also a saturation point. From blue light to the electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted by our devices, an overload of tech can bring unwanted health effects. So, I think a more mindful approach to tech will become more widespread. It’s about finding a balance and introducing good habits, like keeping tech out of the bedroom and turning your Wi-Fi router off overnight.”

    Biophilic design

    “We’ve noticed a continued interest in biophilic design over the last year. Biophilia is a sense of connection with the natural world. So biophilic spaces feel in touch with nature, helping to calm and destress. Biophilic design can mean using natural materials and house plants. A biophilic space will usually make natural light and views onto the outdoors a focal point. You can incorporate biophilia into your home in a more abstract way by introducing organic shapes with your furniture.”

    Visit consciousspaces.com to make your interior a more conscious space.


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