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    Time to go digital

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    Hosting an event, whether large or small, in this technology-fixated world doesn’t need to be rocket science. Haralambos Stavrou shares his tips in how to take yout events to the next level using the latest digital wizardry.

    The digital age is changing the shape of events for ever. Many companies now hold virtual events over the web, with people logging in from around the world to attend. This is a cost-effective alternative to flying people in from all corners of the globe. It can also play to larger companies’ CSR policies.


    Live streaming to web and mobile devices is a growing trend. If you can’t have all the attendees in one room, engage with them remotely with a live stream run through your website or a microsite. Companies such as BeThere Global offer a complete service for event planners. This is a great idea that will help keep up attendance, especially when budget is tight, and will make everyone feel involved. If it is an external event, recuperate some costs by finding a live stream sponsor.


    If your function is going to engage an audience wider than the people in the room you must have a strategy for using social tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on. Use Twitter to develop a hashtag for the event and communicate this via invites and during the event to get people involved and excited. This is a great way to create a buzz prior, throughout and after the occasion.

    For even more impact, consider using your conference stage screens to show your Twitter feed and the tweets being received in real time.


    Why not use a digital graffiti wall for guests to leave messages throughout the event and photograph it each step of the way? These images will be a fantastic source for collateral after the experience. 

    Another great idea is to set up a videobooth; this concept is similar to a photobooth, but uses video recordings to allow your guests to advertise and endorse your brand. Video messages can be shared via email, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube using these services. 


    Is the lighting right for your event? Have you used colours that will engage your audience and make them feel confident? Find out how you want employees and clients to feel. Lighting can be a fabulous stimulant for guests and can really bring a simple space to life. With the use of logo-etched gobos (a template that fits inside a light source) and corporate colours your brand essence will be felt by your audience. If you are focusing on entertainment you may wish to consider high-powered LED lighting to produce effects that will create maximum impact when presenting your acts.

    Haralambos Stavrou is the MD of Beyond Certainty, a boutique events management and production agency, based in London. The company was established more than 10 years ago and now puts on events for a range of FTSE100 and film production companies.

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