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    Top 10 stories of the week

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    It’s hard to believe Christmas is only nine days away. Many of you will be recovering from what we hope was a fun and successful company Christmas party (or perhaps yours is yet to come). Remember in this festive season that you have worked incredibly hard all year and you deserve to let your hair down and take a much-needed break. But first, for the last time this year, let’s take look at this week’s most read stories.

    1. PA Profile: Libby Moore
    A few years ago Libby Moore ventured on a new journey she called ‘The Libby Moore Gypsy Tour’, which consisted of 365 days with no plan at all – other than to simply follow her heart.

    2. 5 top tips for the best Christmas party from Stamford Bridge
    With the hotly anticipated film Office Christmas Party starring Jennifer Anniston and Jason Bateman about to open in cinemas, Simon Hunter, Head of Venue and Brand at Stamford Bridge, got to thinking about the standard office Christmas party.

    3. What UK adults really want for Secret Santa gifts
    Gift cards have been voted the most popular Secret Santa gift by Brits, who want to receive presents that they can actually use, according to new research.

    4. New Year, New Life, Real You: 3 steps to banish negativity in 2017
    The New Year is always a time for reflection and forward planning. It is the time of year when evaluating our lives feels more natural than at other times of the year.

    5. App of the week: Balanced
    Nobody ever said a task list has to contain only work items. Smartphones are great for personal use too, and Balanced aims to help users achieve a more balanced life.

    6. NHS test determines your workplace stress
    Workplace stress is so commonplace these days that it seems everyone and their uncle complains at some point in their career. But are we actually stressed or do we just need to lower our expectations? A new online test from NHS Choices can help you determine how much workplace stress you’re actually under.

    7. The top 15 signs of success
    Being happy, healthy and having well-behaved children are the true signs of success – streets ahead of being rich, according to new research.

    8. How to pick the perfect desk plant
    Looking to add a splash of colour to your desk with a live plant? There’s a lot more to picking the right one and keeping it alive than most would believe. Here are some brilliant tips for maintaining a green thumb when it comes to a desk plant from Mashable’s Laura Vitto.

    9. AXA PPP’s employee sleep tips
    Research from Rand Europe reveals that sleep deprivation costs the UK £40 billion a year, which equates to 200,000 working days. Here, AXA PPP healthcare provides some top tips for employees to ensure they’re getting a good night’s kip.

    10. 5 business lessons from Father Christmas
    Given the time of year, there’s one person in particular that we can look to for inspiration, and that is Father Christmas. Virtual assistant service ava has taken a closer look at the work that Santa does, and chosen five of his best lessons that businesses everywhere should be following.

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