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      Top 10 stories of the week

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      Valentine’s Day has come and gone, which could mean there are a few more office couples in the world today, and that’s a very nice thought to round out the week. Next week we’re off to the Business Travel Show at Olympia London, where the Fundamentals series is designed for PAs and those who are new to managing their company’s travel needs. If you’re headed to the event, please stop by and see us on stand B304. Before we go home for the weekend, let’s look at our most popular stories of the week.

      1. 4 things you should remove from your LinkedIn profile
      If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile but you’re thinking of looking for a new job, you need to create one immediately. If you do have one but haven’t updated it recently, it’s time to freshen it up a bit. Here are four things you should consider deleting from your LinkedIn profile if you’re hunting for the perfect role, according to The Muse.

      2. 3 ways office romances benefit employers
      On Valentine’s Day, it’s safe to assume that love is in the air – even at work. While office romances seem like a taboo subject and dangerous for business, there are actually a few important benefits for employers, according to BOSS Magazine. Here are three ways colleague courtship can actually help at work.

      3. PA Profile: Adam Fidler
      Some of you reading this will know Adam Fidler, an International Executive Assistant Consultant who offers teaching, training and self-development of PAs, EAs and business support managers. He is the author and trainer of two of the UK’s most sought-after corporate Executive PA courses ‘From good to outstanding’ and ‘The Strategic Executive Assistant’ which run regularly in London and Manchester. His corporate experience as a Board/C-Suite Level PA/EA in a variety of blue-chip organisations includes Boots PLC, Bank of America and as a Private PA to a high-profile Chairman.

      4. App of the week: Memorado
      Brain games test our memory and cognitive control, which in turn helps us learn faster and retain more information. A better brain can only improve your productivity at work, which is why regular mental challenges are so helpful for PAs and office workers.

      5. How to conquer loneliness in the workplace
      Loneliness has been a hot topic in the news since a commission started by the late MP Jo Cox began investigating this nationwide epidemic. Several studies in the past have shown that loneliness at work can have a negative effect on staff productivity and engagement. If you’re feeling isolated in your job, here are some easy tips that can help you get on the path to conquering the symptoms.

      6. How to stop multitasking and start unitasking
      Business mindfulness expert Dana Zelicha of the Organisational Well Being Agency discusses how to stop multitasking and start unitasking to reduce stress at work.

      7. 5 tips for working with difficult people
      Let’s face it – we’re human beings, so we’re never going to get along with everyone. When you work closely with colleagues every day, you pick up on their more annoying qualities very quickly, and some co-workers are worse than others. In a recent article for Forbes, career coach Caroline Ceniza-Levine gives her top five tips for working with difficult people.

      8. How to keep up appearances when you’re having a bad day
      Becoming the victim of a bad day where nothing is going right need not be the end of the world. It’s especially important for PAs to maintain a professional attitude no matter how they’re feeling. Luckily, The Muse has created this handy list of ways to avoid becoming a buzzkill if things aren’t going your way.

      9. 8 out of 10 buyers reviewed traveller risk strategies in the last 12 months
      More than three quarters (79%) of travel buyers have reviewed their traveller risk strategy in the last 12 months to ensure they provide greater duty of care. The new research results are from a survey commissioned by the Business Travel Show, which quizzed 178 European buyers about their risk management policies.

      10. More than half of office workers eat the same lunch every day
      Millions of office workers are eating the same lunch every single day, a study commissioned by New Covent Garden Soup has found.

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