• 3 ways office romances benefit employers

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    On Valentine’s Day, it’s safe to assume that love is in the air – even at work. While office romances seem like a taboo subject and dangerous for business, there are actually a few important benefits for employers, according to BOSS Magazine. Here are three ways colleague courtship can actually help at work.

    1 Employee retention
    Just as having a best friend at work can make a person more likely to stay at a job, so can finding love. Office romances give employees a reason to get excited about going to work every day, which in turn makes them less likely to leave for another company.

    2 Productivity
    When you and your significant other work at the same company, you naturally can’t help but talk about work when you go home. These conversations can mean more brainstorming sessions outside of normal office hours, which can only help productivity. The good feelings you get from a relationship also help boost your morale and energy.

    3 Company culture
    Bosses who embrace office romances and encourage courting colleagues are showing employees a positive company culture. It demonstrates a level of trust and compassion that benefits the whole office, not just the couple. Such a culture can also boost employee collaboration; if they’re not afraid to fall in love with a colleague for fear of losing their job, they’ll feel free to network and communicate more freely.

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