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Top 10 stories of the week

Office yoga stretches could help office workers stay healthy

Red Nose Day is here already. Where has the time gone? We hope your office is buzzing with activity in an effort to raise money to save lives. Here at PA Life HQ we’re also celebrating Purple Day (which takes place on Sunday), hoping to raise awareness of epilepsy. We’ve got loads of tasty baked goods tempting us to forego lunch in favour of a sweet treat. Before we get our sugar high on, let’s take a moment to look at this week’s top 10 stories.

1. Office yoga routine could reduce mortality rate in workers
Experts have created a potentially life-saving desk yoga workout video to combat the ‘killer’ lifestyle of Britain’s office workers.

2. 7 ways mindfulness can lead to happiness
Monday marked the International Day for Happiness. While many believe they’re in control of their lives, are you truly engaging with what life has to offer? Mindfulness expert Dana Zelicha has taken a look at how we manage our day-to-day, and is looking to get more people to switch off the ‘auto-pilot’ and put the public in the driver’s seat with seven steps to happiness.

3. PA Life readers groove to the beat at Karen Hardy Dance Studios
A group of PAs got to cut a rug last night with a taster of Strictly Come Dancing life at Karen Hardy Dance Studios in Chelsea Harbour.

4. 6 ways to combat workplace stress
It can be hard to work when the stress feels suffocating, and understanding what is happening is the first step to tackling it. Be it your work-life balance or feelings of isolation, research by the Guardian has examined what to do and how to cope when the walls feel like they’re closing in and deadlines loom overhead.

5. 5 steps to strengthening your office resolve
AXA PPP healthcare have released a five point plan to help SME managers and employees boost their resilience as research reveals less resilient workers are more prone to losing motivation, less likely to adapt and will have their workplace performance impaired more than other workers.

6. Britain’s top 50 commuter bugbears revealed
Commuters across the UK have confessed to their greatest irritations on the way to and from the office each day, whether dealing with dawdlers or braving other people’s body odour. The study was run by SPANA, a working animal charity that provides free treatment to horses, donkeys, camels and other animals frequently used in the workplace or commute for developing countries.

7. Win Amazon vouchers with Select Apartments
Select Apartments is giving three lucky PA Life readers the chance to win Amazon vouchers, with a top prize of £50.

8. Switching fonts can save businesses money
Despite the digital revolution, printing is still a big part of the business world. While it’s common knowledge that reducing the number of pages your company prints can save money, new research by Staples shows simply changing the fonts you use can also cut costs.

9. London becoming more cost-effective for non-UK business despite Brexit
Central London has dropped to the third most expensive business travel destination according to a study by data specialists ECA International. Falling from second place last year, it has come as a surprise to experts expecting London to become a less favourable destination following last year’s EU referendum. The results show that the capital city was only just pricier than Paris, with London nearly dropping two places within the last year.

10. 7 self-care tips for PAs
Tara Jackson, ex-PA and holistic self-care and wellbeing coach, gives us her top tips for taking care of yourself despite a busy schedule.