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      Five steps to strengthening your office resolve

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      AXA PPP healthcare have released a five point plan to help SME managers and employees boost their resilience as research reveals less resilient workers are more prone to losing motivation, less likely to adapt and will have their workplace performance impaired more than other workers.

      Just 15% of UK workers would rate British resilience as high as nearly two thirds wish they were stronger and more prepared for challenges. Defining resilience as being able to bounce back from setbacks and powering through difficult circumstances, the British public believe that improved resilience would lead to stronger relationships at home and work, and will help with fears of uncertain futures. The healthcare company has laid out five ways to prepare for life’s challenges and boost resilience in the workplace.

      1. Focus on emotional intelligence – encouraging self-reflection and awareness of how your actions affect yourself and others around you could be the key to building a better functioning team. Being open to criticism and understanding how you deal with pressure can have a major impact on your work life.
      2. Stay energised – If you don’t keep on top of a mentally or physically demanding life. Try taking a lunch break away from your workplace, take a short brisk walk in daylight hours stay hydrated and curb caffeine intake in the afternoon and evening to help improve your levels of alertness during the day and quality of sleep when the sun sets.
      3. Nurture relationships – Maintain a solid network of family, friends and colleagues to know that support is there if you need it. Knowing there’s someone you can call on in a time of need can go a long way to keeping your spirits high. Work socials and time spent outside of the office can help nurture these relationships.
      4. Keep perspective – Having a clear head and keeping balanced and rational can help you see the bigger picture. Taking a step back can help you identify problems you thought unfixable, and help you get around problems you can’t fix.
      5. Prioritise – play to your strengths and have a clear sense of purpose for your day to day. Understanding what ultimately matters can help separate the wheat from the chaff and capitalise on what’s important.

      “It’s not rocket science and the behaviours and ‘can do’ attitude that are needed are well understood and, for those who are willing to make the effort, quite readily achievable,” said Dr Mark Winwood, director of psychological services for AXA PPP healthcare.

      “It just takes time and practice – for example, taking time to reflect and focus on your priorities in your home and working life can help to ensure a satisfactory work-life balance and, in turn, equip you with a powerful psychological reservoir you can draw upon to enable you to bend rather than break when confronted by adversity.”

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