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    The weather has pulled through for most of the country again, giving us the perfect way to end the week. Here at PA Life, we’re taking the afternoon off for a bit of fun in the sun with rounders in the park. Hopefully you’ll get the chance to go out and enjoy this perfect summer day too. Before we get our kit on and hit the field, let’s look at our top stories of the week.

    1. How to prepare for a Skype interview
    Phone interviews are making way for video chats as technology becomes more capable and businesses adapt to the changing times, so you need to make sure you’re ready to grow with the world around you. With apps like Skype and Facetime becoming more convenient and accessible, in some cases entirely replacing face-to-face interviewing, recruitment specialist Robert Walters has compiled its top tips for preparing for a video interview.

    2. Owning a pet could make you a better worker
    Pet owners are a positive influence on their colleagues and neighbours, according to a new study. Reports by the University of Western Australia and the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition have revealed that pet owners frequently have stronger ties to the local area than those without pets, regularly having a more cheerful outlook and can help with confidence and sociability.

    3. Brits reveal their most awkward meeting room mishaps
    Office workers across the UK have admitted to accidentally walking in on an uncomfortable situation due to a meeting room mix-up. One in three Brits have confessed to an awkward meeting room encounter, with most people either unintentionally walking into the wrong room or confusing their time slots.

    4. How to use social media to boost event engagement
    Organising an event in the digital age can be a daunting task, and making the most of the various platforms from Twitter and LinkedIn to Snapchat and even WhatsApp can be overwhelming without preparation. Speaking with PA Life editor Molly Dyson at this year’s London Venues Summit, event organisers and social media specialists were brought together to discuss just how technology can change the face of events.

    5. Use stress to your advantage
    A stressful day could be the chance to prove your office potential, according to The Muse. Instead of letting the pressure get to you, realise that the storm will pass and making the most of the madness could be the key to climbing the career ladder. Encouraging people to stay ‘positive and productive’ through the tougher times, The Muse’s Richard Moy compiled his top tips for turning a hard day’s work into a way to show off your skills.

    6. Half of Brits asked to clean the office
    More than half of British workers have been asked to clean their place of work by their boss despite it not being in their job description, according to new research.

    7. Camden Dining Group announces Gabeto
    The Camden Dining Group, which runs the world famous Gilgamesh and Shaka Zulu in the heart of Camden Market, has announced its newest addition, Gabeto.

    8. The benefits of a dedicated office caterer
    Eating out of home is as popular now as it has ever been and lunchtime is no exception. With a multitude of choices, choosing the right food is naturally important, but what about the provider? Are you better off hitting the usual high street chains for your sandwich or salad, or should you turn to an in-house caterer to help you re-fuel?

    9. Top 10 employee benefits revealed
    The top perks coveted by workers, including private healthcare and funding for training, have been revealed in a new report. Released by totaljobsUnderstanding Talent has detailed the top 10 perks that would make or break job opportunities for prospective employees. As employees begin to look for different things in a job, the report aims to educate recruiters and make sure employers are aware of the changing times.

    10. How to know when you should take a break
    With many worried that taking their mind off their work will reduce concentration and lessen work efficiency, the opposite is true according to talent management expert Richard Moy. Taking the time to step out of the office and breathe in some fresh air could be just the quick fix you need for a boost in productivity, and Moy has listed his top ways to spot when you should take five.


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