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Top 10 stories of the week

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1. Hay fever leaves employees struggling to complete work, says research
One in five sufferers have had to call in sick as the itchy eyes, runny noses and sneezing fits have left almost four in ten struggling to do their job.


2. Experts solve what a splash of milk really means
A study of 2,000 UK adults found that a splash is exactly five ml, which is precisely four fifths of a teaspoon.


3. Penelope Alice enjoys Caribbean-inspired evening with Sandals
A group of PAs and I got the chance to visit the ‘Caribbean’ last night, when we attended the latest PA Life Club event with Sandals UK.


4. March/April 2018 Digital Edition
This issue we take a look at the top summer venues on offer while Bain & Gray’s Claire Hunter stars as our PA Profile.

01 PA Life March_April

5. 3 problems PAs face booking business travel and how to solve them
Here’s how, a booking and travel management tool, can solve the three most common travel-related quandaries that come your way as a PA.

travel cloud

6. The latest selfie sensation unveiled
The ‘selfie mirror’ is the latest piece of tech for you to consider when planning your next corporate event.


7. PA Profile: Claire Hunter, Bain and Gray
Jade Burke finds out why she took the plunge to move to London from Australia and why she feels work experience is so vital to kick-start a career.

Clare Hunter shot for PA Life Magazine at Cahoots, London W1. 19/2/18. NO RIVAL PUBLICATIONS

Clare Hunter shot for PA Life Magazine at Cahoots, London W1. 19/2/18. NO RIVAL PUBLICATIONS

8. CHS18: Laura Capell-Abra on how to beat stress
Laura Capell-Abra, founder of No More Ifs Or Buts and Stress Matters, shares her tips on how employees can overcome stress.

LCA headshot

9. 12 things to remove from your CV
Annie Walton Doyle, from Inspiring Interns, shares her thoughts on what candidates should remove from their CV to land their dream job

Research shows only one in every 21 CVs is looked at by recruiters

10. 10 ways employers can combat workplace stress
12.5 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety during 2016/17, the Health and Safety Executive has revealed.