Top 10 stories of the week

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1. Business lunch? These are the top 40 foods and drinks Brits struggle to pronounce
Quinoa, tzatziki and pain au chocolate are among the foods we regularly eat – but are unable to pronounce, a study has found.


2. What are your worst habits?
Comfort eating, swearing, stressing – and spending too much time on social media are among the nation’s worst bad habits, apparently. How many apply to you, or your colleagues…?


3. Handling a heatwave: How to keep employees cool when temperatures soar
Clare Porciani, senior manager of HR operations at Office Depot UK & Ireland, shares some top tips to help keep everyone cool while at work.



4. Where would you move for work? Cambridge, apparently
A new YouGov Omnibus survey has asked how willing British workers would be to move to each of Channel 4’s shortlisted locations for its new HQ in order to keep their job, as well as an additional five for good measure.


5. 10 ways to spot a star in the workplace
Being able to neutralise a toxic person sounds like a superhero power from a Marvel movie, but in actual fact it’s one of the ways you can spot a star performer in the workplace.

Star Performer

6. How to decorate an event with flowers
Alice Groom, head of client and design projects at Lavender Green Flowers, shares her tips on how you can use your green fingers to make an event pop.

Lavender Green Flowers - Med Theme

7. ‘The Birmingham PA Awards are here to stay,’ says Daniel Skermer, founder, Birmingham PA Forum & Awards
As the inaugural Birmingham PA Awards approaches, Jade burke chats with Daniel Skermer, founder of the Birmingham PA Forum and the Awards, about his inspiration behind the ceremony and why the night will be ‘full of surprises’.

Dan Headshot

8. Time to get selfish with your self-care
With such busy schedules, we have all been guilty of neglecting our own self-care. Amy Gallagher, founder and director of Tula Wellness, has compiled a list of tips to help stop you ‘running on empty’ and nourish yourself.


9. PA Life Club: Head to the races with Royal Windsor Racecourse
Taking place Monday July 30 from 2.30pm, guests will also get to enjoy the company of ex-jockey Colin Brown, most well-known for riding Desert Orchid and Little Polveir.


10. 65% of workers say appreciation is a key trait for UK bosses
A simple ‘thank you’ for a job well done can go a long way for UK workers, according to research marking the launch of the One4all Spotlight Awards.