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The newest issue of PA Life magazine, digital edition
The Harrods corporate gifting issue, which also features a PA PROFILE with Carys Stacey, EA at Moet Hennessy Europe and we speak to Kenco Coffee Company on working with PAs

Interview: Beats’s Dimitri Serif on offering a 5-star service
Jade Burke chats with Dimitri Serif, events manager of London night clubs Beat and Toy Room, to discuss how the venues can cater to every PAs need and why it is so important to deliver a five-star service in a club environment.

Toy Room
Penelope Alice visits the elusive London venue, Toy Room
Based within the vaults of the London Palladium, the Toy Room main doors are hidden on Argyll Street, less than a minutes’ walk from Oxford Circus tube station.


Tried & tasted: Statement restaurants
Finding a stand-out restaurant among a sea of venues in the city can be a tricky task. To help, we’ve highlighted four statement restaurants that boast exceptional interior and design elements to make guests’ jaws drop.

Using your brain for a better meeting
How using your brain can make your meetings more effective
The ‘Four Cs’ model can help leaders host more effective meetings where all the brains in the business are engaged according to Kate Lanz, psychologist, leadership coach and CEO of Mindbridge.

Are you left to the ‘office housework’?
There are many jobs that need completing in the workplace, from cleaning up after a board meeting to making the teas or coffees for the weekly meeting.