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Interview: Beat’s Dimitri Serif on offering a 5-star service

Jade Burke chats with Dimitri Serif, events manager of London night clubs Beat and Toy Room, to discuss how the venues can cater to every PAs need and why it is so important to deliver a five-star service in a club environment.

Can you tell us a bit about the Beat brand and how it begun?
started in September 2012, six years ago and the whole inspiration for the venue has come from a 1966 speakeasy club. It was an extremely famous venue then, with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Sex Pistols, David Bowie and Pink Floyd all performing in the venue. It has a really rich rock music history and we have taken those elements and transferred them to the venue.

The club opens at half past two in the morning to our members and closes at around 7am/8am – it’s a very late opening.

We host over 100 events a year where we have worked with the British Fashion Council, Nike and Paul Smith – we have a lot of corporate clients. It’s really amazing on the events side as well, so it’s not just a club.

Can you tell me a bit about your role?
I am the events manager for a variety of clubs, including Beat and Toy Room. They are all independents and I am the connection between each of them.

Why should PAs consider working with you guys? What can the venues offer?
Unlike any other venues, it is actually an exclusive members club and we do create everything bespoke to specific clients. It’s a five-star service in a club environment and it’s very unique what we can offer.

In each of the venues I manage we can sometimes organise shared parties, plus, we have availability and we can offer last-minute bookings.

“It’s a five-star service in a club environment and it’s very unique what we can offer.”

Do you offer any exclusive deals or incentives for PAs?
We don’t really have packages as such as everything is bespoke, however, we can offer discounted packages for PAs and tailor-make it for them.

The PA Life Club will be hosting its Christmas party at the Toy Room in November. What can members expect to see on the night?
Again, Toy Room is a very unexpected venue – from the décor to the quirkiness of the space as it used to be an old London Palladium wine cellar and is steeped in a lot of history. But at the same time, the way it has been decorated is very unexpected and will be something guests have never seen before.

There will be a lot of Christmas elements on the evening, we will impress PA Life guests with the catering from the delicious canapés and bowl food to the desserts, plus we will be serving Christmas-themed cocktails all night. We will give them a real taste of Christmas.

Toy Room

How does the Toy Room differ to other venues you manage?
Toy Room is for a younger audience I would say, and it is a bit more commercial from the music styles. Whereas, Beat is a very closed members club, but Toy Room is a bit more open to everyone, however, we do operate a guestlist policy as a club. But at the same time, Toy Room is also much larger. It boasts several rooms and three different event rooms, and each room has a different feel with the décor.

For example, the White Room is very minimal, the Main Room is fully decorated with the Toy Room brand elements including the familiar bear, and the 1942 Room is a complete party room, which features neon colours and looks quite psychedelic. Christmas is the best time to experience the venue as its decorated spectacularly.


Have there been and significant events held at your venues?
Yes – at Toy Room we held a Spotify International networking and a Twitter Christmas party. We have also hosted Absolute Radio, Microsoft and many others, but Twitter and Absolute Radio were really stand out. We also work with The Prince’s Trust every year. We just hosted their charity event and in the London palladium they host their annual award ceremony and then we host the after party at The Toy Room.

What does the future hold for Beat? What can we expect to see?
This year, Beat is going to under-go quite an expensive refurbishment. It is not a re-brand as the main brand elements will stay, but everything is going to feel much more luxurious than it is now.Toy ROOM1

Anything else you’d like to add?
I have another independent company that I am operating at the moment that specialises in luxurious clubs in Mayfair. I am the founder and MD of the new company, and it’s called DS Events, and I now have under my portfolio clubs such as Charlie, Rain and Scandal.

The Toy Room will be hosting the PA Life Christmas Party on November 26 – secure your space for the event of the year by contacting Freddi Jackson now.