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Future skills shortage could be prevented using dyslexic employees
Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that is often unnoticeable from onlookers but affects 6.6 million people in the UK – 700 million people globally.

Ethnicity Pay Gap

PM could force companies to reveal ethnicity pay gaps
Prime Minister Theresa May has launched a consultation around mandatory reporting as part of plans to help minorities in the workplace.


Opinion: The importance of a healthy mind in business
It’s key that staff members maintain a healthy mind warns Dr Leigh A Neal, consultant psychiatrist and founder of Smart TMS. Here, he reveals why workplaces must keep mental health firmly on the agenda.


Opinion: Why hiring white women isn’t enough
The risk of solely hiring ‘more women’ (which often just means privileged white women) is that it limits the benefits of greater diversity, Hephzi Pemberton founder and CEO of Equality Group tells HR Magazine.


Mondays don’t have to have that Monday feeling
Monday is the most disliked day of the week and for good reason. Vincenzo Ferrara looks at some simple tips to help make your Monday feel less Monday-ish.

Carys Stacey PA at Moet Hennessy shot at Coya - Mayfair, London W1 for PA Life magazine. 24/8/18

PA Profile: Carys Stacey, Moët Hennessy Europe
Jade Burke meets up with Stacey to get the lowdown on the launch of her own internal network and why she believes recognition must come from within.

Me Too

Opinion: Should employers ban office romances in light of the #MeToo movement?
We hear from Kate Palmer, associate director of advice at Peninsula, about the issues that occur in light of the movement combined with office romances.