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Dress Code
Dress code or not to dress code? That is the office question
Dress down Friday is becoming more popular among many offices in the UK, with many now adopting the dress down option for the rest of the week as well, but do employees actually work better without a strict uniform code?

Film and TV PAs
How PAs have influenced the big screen
The role of the PA is no stranger to the big screen: in films or TV personal assistants are often the people that make the protagonist the hero they are meant to be.

Liz Van Vliet
Podcasting PA Liz Van Vliet on why PAs won’t be replaced by tech
Podcasts have risen to fame over the last five years, with more of us than ever downloading and listing to them. With topics that vary from showbiz news to gardening, they can be easy listening or a place to learn new information and skills.

How to make an impact before you start a new role
Walking through the doors of your new office to start your new role can be one of the most unnerving tasks we all eventually go through, so what can employees do to ensure they make a positive impact on their first day? Kate Allen, MD at Allen Associates, shares some key advice.

Mondays don’t have to have that Monday feeling
Monday is the most disliked day of the week and for good reason, you’ve had a really enjoyable few days off and now you’ve battled through a mass of people on your commute to work, to catch up with the mountain of work you didn’t do on Friday. It’s a day we all wish we could just avoid and stay in bed for. Vincenzo Ferrara looks at some simple tips to help make your Monday feel less Monday-ish.

Carys Stacey PA at Moet Hennessy

Carys Stacey PA at Moet Hennessy

PA Profile: Carys Stacey, Moët Hennessy Europe
Champagne is one serious job perk Carys Stacey, executive assistant at Moët Hennessy Europe, gets to take advantage of. And with over four years’ experience as an assistant, she knows the job inside out. Jade Burke meets up with her to get the lowdown on the launch of her own internal network and why she believes recognition must come from within.

Using your brain for a better meeting
How using your brain can make your meetings more effective
The ‘Four Cs’ model can help leaders host more effective meetings where all the brains in the business are engaged according to Kate Lanz, psychologist, leadership coach and CEO of Mindbridge.