Training events – a new ‘must have’ guide

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Lime Venue Portfolio has created a new guide inspire training providers.

The booklet from the venues specialist forms part of the brand’s ‘cheerleading’ support for corporate training and those who strive for a ‘better’ standard of training for businesses.

February and March are key months for training programme booking and the guide looks to showcase how using the right venue and getting the most out of the environment you are in can bring great results.

’24 Hours in Training Bliss’ has launched as an online resource for businesses looking to get the most out of their investment, and the best possible result for the trainee.

The booklet includes tips on the construction of the day – the number of breaks and free time versus in room learning, to create the right balance between receiving information and having time to process what they have learnt.

It also gives advice on the perfect training environment, limiting distractions from the outside world, and ensuring delegates arrive in the right mind set for training. Finally, it looks at the correct food options to ensure the brain is also supported nutritionally.

“Training is exceptionally hard work for both the trainer and the trainee. We’ve all been to full day training programmes and been pumped full of information,” said Jenner Carter, head of marketing at Lime Venue Portfolio. “This is really positive as it means a really enriching day; that the maximum benefit has been passed on, and that the client has the right return on their investment.”

“Venues like those within our portfolio, can support the trainer through their environment and food. They can provide interesting breakout space and entertainment on site, be at a museum, stadium tour, or a walk around a historic building,” she continued.

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