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    What lucky charms do you bring to job interviews?

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    You’ve arranged to meet for a job interview, but how do you prepare? A superstitious bunch, us Brits will regularly depend on good luck charms to make us feel more confident when it comes to job interviews, deadline days and other stressful situations. I personally have never entered a job interview without first playing the James Bond theme through my headphones, but I’m not alone in my irrationality.

    A survey of 2,000 UK adults by online games destination Wink Slots revealed that 26% of Brits own a good luck charm that they regularly wear for prosperity, while 59% said that wearing their lucky item made them feel more confident in nerve-wracking situations.

    Pants proved to be the most common wearable good luck charm, with one in four claiming to own a pair, while a further 17% own a lucky piece of jewellery. One in 10 own a pair of lucky socks, 8% have a pair of lucky shoes, and 5% claim to own a shirt which brings them good luck. Overwhelmingly, we bring our lucky items with us on exams, job interviews and first dates, and 74% said they would never get rid of their good-luck piece, while one in five won’t even wash it.

    “For many, these lucky garments carry lots of history and fond memories, hence why their owners feel that they bring prosperity,” said a Wink Slots spokesperson. “Possessing a lucky charm can bring its owner luck by boosting confidence and lifting spirits, resulting in better decision making.”

    The results change depend on age, with 65% of 18-30 year-olds admitting to own lucky pants.

    “First dates, exams and job interviews are undoubtedly nerve-wracking situations and even the most confident people get nervous every now and then,” continued the spokesperson. “So, if pulling on a pair of lucky pants makes them feel on top of their game then it can only be a good thing.”

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