Women in secretarial and support roles most likely to gain new qualifications during career break

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Original research from recruitment firm Robert Walters has revealed that women in secretarial and support roles are the most likely to pursue training or further education during a career break (often to have children, but also for a host of other reasons), with 43% saying that they had compared to just 23% of women in other professions.

41% of female secretarial and support professionals also reported that they worked in another field during a career break, compared to just 23% of professionals in other fields.

The findings suggest that women in secretarial and support are the most proactive in terms of developing new skills and earning qualifications during a career break.

This presents employers with a valuable opportunity to attract highly skilled and experienced professionals who are looking to rejoin the workforce, many of whom will have acquired new qualifications during a break.

While women in secretarial and support roles are likely to return to the workforce after a career break having developed valuable skills, employers risk losing these professionals by failing to offer family friendly policies that meet their needs in terms of work-life balance.

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