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Women less likely to talk about success than men

Hyperactive people are more likely to become an entrepreneur

Research by LinkedIn looked at how people around the globe talk about success at work. It found that women find it more difficult to tout their achievements than men – and that may be holding them back.

According to a report by The Telegraph, the survey reveals that 42% of women in the UK find it difficult to talk about their work achievements, compared to 28% of men. Two-thirds of women said they know they should be talking about their success, but they feel they’re bragging if they do.

Two-thirds of women surveyed would rather talk about their colleagues’ achievements than their own, with 27% saying they feel awkward, shy, or scared when the focus is on them.

In the international market, American women are the most comfortable with talking about their success, followed by Brazilians and Canadians (43%, 40% and 39%, respectively). Here in the UK, only a quarter (25%) of female employees are confident in this area.

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