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    ‘Workcations’ are a new trend, it seems…

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    Despite the uncertainty in travel currently, you can bet frequent travellers are itching for a big getaway once travel corridors begin to open.

    But with the need for quarantines on either side of embarkation, some may look to ‘workcations’ as a way to still get away without using up all of their holiday allowance.

    That’s according to luxury travel provider, Destination2, whaich has released their Workcation Index of best locations for travellers to change up their WFH set up while getting the chance to explore one of their bucket list destinations.

    Topping the list of destinations was a place a bit closer to home: Portugal. Great connectivity and a top 3 safety rating in the world makes this Iberian destination a great place for travellers to feed the travel bug within budget.

    Portugal also ranks 12th overall in the world for healthcare, which can help put travellers’ minds at ease when searching for destinations post-pandemic.

    The top 10 destinations for a remote working holiday are:

    1. Portugal

    2. Antigua & Barbuda

    3. Barbados

    4. Spain

    5. Austria

    6. Japan

    7. New Zealand

    8. UAE

    9. Netherlands

    10. Australia

    Will Collins, from Destination2, said: “Travelling is not just going to be a means of exploring. Travellers are going to be more conscious of their time and how best to make a trip more worthwhile. The pent up desire to travel abroad will explode when international travel opens back up fully. And now with the added freedom of remote working, travellers will want to find ways to extend their time away from home without the stress of having to rush back.

    Workcations could be a good solution where travellers add a couple of days or weeks to their holiday without using up all of their leave allowances. However, we still advise travellers to make sure that their destinations are suitable to still work and that it is agreed to in advance with their employers. We hope that our list not only gives workers some travel inspiration, but also provides them with some information on how to choose a destination for their ‘workcation’.”

    To view Destination2’s list of best countries for a workcation, visit: https://www.destination2.co.uk/workcation-index/

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