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      Workers need more fresh air

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      British workers need to spend more time out of the office in order to boost productivity and workplace happiness, according to new reports. A study by Alfresia has revealed how Brits are longing to make the most of the short summer months by spending time in the fresh air, with nearly two in three admitting that their mood can improve based on how long they’re able to stay outdoors.

      Depending on the industry, workers are regularly spending less than 35 minutes outdoors in a day, with those in the financial sector least likely to spend time in the sun.  Bankers, accountants and bookkeepers are also among those that barely make it outside, while jobs like construction can offer more than 300 minutes a day outdoors. The health risks could be greater than people consider, with the threat of vitamin D deficiency and a lack of fresh air.

      More than a third surveyed even admitted they applied for jobs based on the opportunity to leave the office, and with it having links to keeping you motivated and focused, experts are hoping managers take note of the potential health and recruitment benefits.

      “It is great to see those in construction enjoy an extended amount of time surrounded by mother nature,” said Nic Jones, head of digital at Alfresia. “Those that are not as fortunate to have much time outdoors during their working day should take regular breaks from screens or equipment and make the effort to venture outdoors during their lunch break.

      “The amount of time we spend outdoors of course varies from industry to industry and role to role, not just due to the nature of the actual work and working environment but also due to the hours worked, clearly those in the financial sector have heavy workloads and the vast majority is desk-based.”

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