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      Workers reveal their weird daily rituals

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      Do you find yourself living to a series of odd rituals that you tend to set yourself? Be it the way you make your tea or eat your breakfast, you aren’t alone. Hundreds of Twitter users are confessing their weird life rules to the aptly named @WeirdLifeRules, which has made it their mission to reveal our bizarre yet strictly enforced modern foibles.

      The account was set up after IGN content creator Gav Murphy asked his followers to reveal the rules they religiously stick to, and it struck a chord with the internet. Along with over 400 public responses, Murphy was inundated with direct messages from users who wanted to stay anonymous, and he created the account to share some of his favourites.

      “I’ve learned a lot of weird stuff about strangers,” said Gav Murphy. “The thing I’ve learned in the last week the account has been up is that there are a LOT of people who have some kind of weird life rule that they HAVE to follow for some reason and it’s nice to read about other people’s weirdness because I think it makes people feel less embarrassed about their own weirdness.”

      The rules range from the simple to complicated, and involve people’s morning routine, working day and evening rituals.

      “I’ve been writing silly things and making silly videos and podcasts about video games, movies and anything else that makes me laugh for a good few years now,” continued Murphy. “I’m lucky enough to get to meet loads of really interesting people and having strangers reveal their secret weird life rules is fantastic.”

      But which submission was the most profound? For Gav Murphy, one cryptic tweet raised more questions than answers, and stood out among the hundreds of other messages.

      “’Never trust or befriend anyone named Nancy” is absolutely incredible because it says so much in such few words,” explained Murphy. “I keep finding myself bursting out laughing about this one whilst imagining the horrors committed on this person by the Nancys in their life.

      “Also, I’ve never met anyone called Nancy and I feel like that’s probably for the best.”

      What weird life rules do you set yourself? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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