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How to stay engaged, productive and making the most of the summer


Working during the summer can be tough. Feeling caged in the office whilst the sun is blazing? I hear you says Lucy Eden, founder of Be In Your Element, a corporate wellness events company. Lucy shares some of her favourite ways in for making the most of the summer.

Our health and wellbeing at work should be nurtured, but in the summer, employees want to be at work less, and instead out enjoying the sunshine! Here are a few ideas on how we can keep employees engaged and keep the workforce productive, whilst also encouraging them to experience the best of summer.

Summer Socials

Instead of drinks after work, set aside some afternoons for company picnics to promote social interaction and a dose of vitamin D. Having lunch with your colleagues is a great, effortless and natural team building exercise that gives back two-fold as a company investment, by encouraging them to take a healthy lunch break outside to keep their metabolism going strong ahead of the afternoon’s meetings and ‘to do list’.


Set Challenges

Why not set up challenges that employees can complete throughout the summer. It is after all the serotonin season (the hormone responsible for stabilizing feeling of well-being) when happy hormones and energy levels can be at their highest. Some ideas include:

The H20 Challenge – In the summer, we should drink more water to prevent dehydration, regulate body temperature and maintain healthy skin and digestion. Keep your team on track with a water challenge based on at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Start a new summer hobby challenge. The summer months are a great time to find a new hobby. Outdoor photography, hiking, yoga, sports. Challenge employees to start one new hobby and share and follow everyone’s progress within your internal communications.

Help others challenge. Volunteering is an excellent summer activity that helps reduce stress and boost wellbeing. Challenge employees to spend at least 10 hours volunteering in the community over the summer. You can even take a work outing to volunteer together as a team.

Meditation challenge. The summertime can be stressful on employees. Trying to juggle family obligations as well as tight deadlines can take its toll. Help employees reduce stress by challenging them to take five minutes a day to meditate or practice a deep breathing technique.

Get outside challenge- Nature makes us happy and improves our overall mood by boosting endorphin levels and dopamine production. Summer is the perfect time to rediscover nature. Challenge employees to spend at least 15 minutes outside every day of summer (ask for photo evidence to inspire others and make this a real challenge).

Making the most of the summer with breaks

It’s official holiday season so encourage employees to take time off to enjoy their summer, give incentives for a ‘feel good Friday’ early finish, encourage longer lunch breaks to allow employees to stay engaged in work-life whilst enjoying their summer. Lead by example and encourage breaking away from the ‘doing’ and embrace the ‘being’.

Summer Play

Team building is a great way to encourage employees to focus on their health and well-being. These activities can significantly help employees develop relationships, boost morale, encourage motivation, hone leadership skills and improve cross-department engagement. Start the journey by asking your employees what they would like to do, with insight comes inspiration!


To find out more about what Be In Your Element can do to bring wellness activities to your employees and to your events please visit


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