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Spring into wellness: A guide to seasonal nutrition for your wellbeing


As nature awakens from its winter slumber, so too can we rejuvenate our wellbeing by aligning our nutrition with the vibrant energy of spring. With flowers blooming and temperatures rising, our bodies crave fresh, nourishing foods that support vitality and balance. In this article, our wellness partner Be In Your Element’s very own Nutritionist and Holistic Health Expert, Hannah Carr, takes us on a journey to explore the principles of seasonal nutrition for your wellbeing, unveiling the nutrients that can invigorate both body and mind in spring.

Spring feels like a natural time to begin new projects and be more active. However, we may also find ourselves suffering some health challenges at this time of year.seasonal nutrition for your wellbeing, these can include:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Eye problems such as styes, conjunctivitis or dark circles
  • Low energy and hormonal imbalance

Our energy may be depleted as our body tries to heal and come back to homeostasis (a balanced state). The traditional Chinese medicine teaches us that this is related to the gallbladder, the liver and the eyes. So, when we hear that people face challenges in their health during spring, based around these areas, it doesn’t come as a surprise.

Seasonal nutrition for your wellbeing – supporting your liver and gallbladder

According to traditional Chinese and naturopathic medicine, liver and gallbladder are the organs we need to pay special attention to in spring. They play an important role in helping you break down food and convert it into energy so you can fully use the nutrients for energy and vibrant health. You can look to change your diet and support your gallbladder and liver by adding in sour foods, and also more raw foods. Ease off alcohol and add in drinks that support cleansing such as lemon water or dandelion coffee. Cook foods for less time to preserve the vital vitamins and eat a little lighter as the weather gets warmer.

Make a note of the foods in season and begin to add them to your shopping list. Notice the foods that contain plenty of water to help hydrate you. This is vital in flushing toxins from the liver and avoiding allergies. Although we may be taught that a rainbow of foods is best for us, according to traditional Chinese medicine you don’t need to eat them throughout a day, instead you eat different food groups in different seasons.

Focus on green foods in spring – not solely, but make sure you’re getting an abundance of greens. They support the gallbladder and liver at this particular time of year, helping you avoid digestion or allergic related symptoms and illness. As you savour the flavours of spring and embrace the nourishment it brings, remember that your wellbeing is an ongoing journey, intricately connected to the cycles of nature.

So, as you step into spring, let your plate be a canvas for wellness, your fork a brush for vitality, and your palate a guide to mindful living.

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