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    Covid-19 is affecting our mental health: here’s how to cope

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    Covid-19 continues to impact our lives, and studies have revealed that it’s affecting more than just our physical health. One in three survivors of the virus experience mental health conditions, the majority being anxiety and mood disorders. This is a major sign that it’s time for people to start taking control of their mental health. […]

    LOOKING BACK: ‘Enhance Your Energy’ Virtual Meet Up with Hope Health

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    Last week we teamed up with our friends at Hope Health to offer PA Life Club members an exclusive complimentary workplace wellbeing virtual session – Here’s what we learned… The virtual Lunch & Learn session, Enhance Your Energy – How to eat for better energy & productivity was introduced by Hope Health’s Business Development Director, Emma Quainton, and presented […]

    WATCH AGAIN: Wellness Revival Festival – Eating For Great Mental Health

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    Over 150 senior PAs, EAs, VAs and Office Managers attended the virtual Wellness Revival Festival conference this week – And you can now re-watch recordings of the sessions online! The Wellness Revival Festival was brought to you by PA Life and EventWell, the events industry’s community focused and charitable social enterprise. This brilliant organisation is […]

    September is a time to reset and refocus – the Wellness Revival Festival will show you how!

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    As the children head back to schools and the weather starts to cool, September, for many, is traditionally a time to reset personal goals – particularly when it comes to wellbeing. So register now for your free place at this month’s Wellness Revival Festival and you’ll enjoy a full day of talks and activities designed […]

    Nutrition and the immune function: Sorting Fact From Fiction

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    By Dr Gill Jenkins, Health & Food Supplements Information Service (HSIS) Diets fuelled with the right vitamins and minerals are essential for our immune systems, whatever our age, to function at their best. However, the relationship between nutrition and our immune functions is highly complex. Overall nutritional status and dietary patterns (food, nutrients and non-nutritive […]

    Beat the coronavirus lockdown blues with these 10 nourishing foods

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    We are all feeling an uncertainty and  dealing with a whole range of feelings and issues. Most of all we want to protect ourselves and our loved ones and know that the ‘stay at home’ guidelines are the best way to reduce the spread of coronavirus and support our precious NHS. But protecting our health […]

    We’re not getting enough sleep, risking poor diet and obesity, says survey

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    The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) says 43 percent of adults reported sleeping less than the recommended minimum of 7 hours on the previous night before they took its survey. That’s in addition to 32 percent of primary and 70 percent of secondary school children reported sleeping less than 9 hours on the previous night, despite […]

    2016 is set to test our taste buds like never before

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    What on earth are we going to be eating this year? Prepare yourself, your taste buds are going to be put to the test in 2016, courtesy of these eight little gems Acai bowls Warming bowls of oatmeal (ie porridge, both sweet and savoury) are continuing their strong game in 2016, but now they have […]