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    What does ‘PA’ stand for?

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    In today’s modern world a PA wears many hats, from booking business travel to organising a boss’s schedule, they always ‘bend over backwards’. Here, Georgina Hathaway, freelance PA, explains why when an exec welcomes a PA, they are not just getting an assistant, they are also gaining a superhero. Personal assistant “Do I need one?” […]

    5 minutes with… Mary Portas

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    We’ve heard from the PAs themselves about their day-to-day lives in the workplace, but we’ve decided to ditch the rule book and speak to a boss to find out what they look for in an assistant. In a special ‘5 minutes with…’, Jade Burke speaks to retail consultant and broadcaster Mary Portas, to find out why […]

    Fat Cat Friday: Top execs have already earned an average worker’s wage

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    Top bosses are earning more than 133 times than the average worker, a new report by CIPD has found. It’s only the first week of January and plenty of us are still feeling the sting on our bank balances following the expenses of Christmas and New Year, however there are a select few whose wallets […]

    Should you get your boss a Christmas present?

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    Could you be missing out on opportunities to strengthen your relationship with your boss? New research has revealed how many workers don’t present their boss with a token gift at the end of the year. A study of 1,000 UK workers by Perkbox, has revealed that 90 per cent of employees don’t gift their boss a […]

    Top stories of the week

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    As we continue to keep you informed on what’s happening in the events world and up to date, don’t forget to check us out on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. PA Profile: Lydia McKay, Pretty Little Thing At the time of interviewing, Lydia McKay was EA to the co-founder of Pretty Little Thing. Having worked on the corporate side in […]

    How to make an impact before you start a new role

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    Walking through the doors of your new office to start your new role can be one of the most unnerving tasks we all eventually go through, so what can employees do to ensure they make a positive impact on their first day? Kate Allen, MD at Allen Associates, shares some key advice. You’ve been selected […]

    Most of us believe we could do a better job than our boss

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    Survey reveals that six in ten employees believed they could do a better job at being the boss than their direct line manager. A survey ahead of Boss Day, a US national day which falls on October 16 this year, revealed that six in ten employees in the UK think they could do the job […]

    Bosses have ‘no idea’ what their staff do on a daily basis

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    How many time have you sat at your desk and thought to yourself, that no one really understands your job? Apparently, you aren’t the only one…   Bosses have ‘no idea’ what their staff do on a daily basis, according to a poll of employees. A poll of 2,000 working adults found around one in […]

    Would you reveal your WhatsApp messages to your boss?

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    Having control of your privacy has never been more important to Brits, especially since the implementation of the new GDPR law and scandals such as Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. In fact, it’s so important to some employees that 43 per cent would request a payrise in order to show their boss their WhatsApp messages. In […]

    Can you do a better job than your boss?

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    More than one third of Brits believe they could do a better job than their boss. According to new research of 2,000 employees, almost one in five admitted to hating their manager. Of those surveyed, two in five don’t think their superior is good at their role, one in ten believe they are ‘arrogant’ or […]