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    Can you do a better job than your boss?

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    More than one third of Brits believe they could do a better job than their boss.

    According to new research of 2,000 employees, almost one in five admitted to hating their manager.

    Of those surveyed, two in five don’t think their superior is good at their role, one in ten believe they are ‘arrogant’ or ‘two-faced’ and more than one fifth revealed they have ‘no respect’ for their boss.

    Commissioned by international animal charity SPANA, the research also identified the traits of a bad boss, including mood swings, never saying thank you and being work shy.

    “Having a boss you struggle to get on with can certainly be a source of annoyance and stress, snd it’s clear that many people have had bad experiences at some point in their careers,” said Geoffrey Dennis, chief executive of SPANA.

    “But there are many good managers out there who look after their employees and ensure their working conditions are acceptable – which most working animals overseas, sadly, do not get.

    “These working horses, donkeys and camels often endure arduous lives, carrying backbreaking loads in dangerous conditions – that’s why this forgotten workforce desperately needs our help.”

    62 per cent have left their role do to their relationship with their boss, while more than half have considered looking for a new job just to get away from their manager.

    Meanwhile, the worst characteristic of a boss according to employees was a failure to clearly communicate what they want. Second spot went to inconsistency, while others frustrations included delegating too much work and taking the credit for the success of others.

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