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    ‘Brexit Rage Room’ launches for stressed Britons

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    A bespoke team building company has launched the UK’s first ‘Brexit Rage Room’, to give frustrated teams the opportunity to vent their anger about the UK leaving the EU, or the way the government is dealing with the situation, whilst having fun. The room will include pinatas of politicians, a full-size double decker bus to destroy, and a to-scale model of parliament.

    Here’s a team-building activity with a difference! Team Tactics has launched the UK’s first ‘Brexit Rage Room’ aimed at work teams who are stressed about either the UK’s departure from the European Union, or the way it is currently being handled by the government.

    The company launched the event as a fun bespoke team building event, for businesses who feel they need to vent their pent-up Brexit frustrations. The Brexit Rage Room will cost £15 per person, with teams of ten people able to enter the room at a time.

    The event, which will take place in a warehouse in London, will last for one hour, during which participants can smash up Brexit related objects, such as the Brexit bus, models of Parliament and pinatas of political figures such as Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, with an array of blunt tools available, such as; baseball bats, spray paint and crowbars.

    The event will be available in time for ‘Brexit Day’ on the 29th March. The Brexit Rage Room will only be available to book for one week commencing the 25th March, with limited spaces available. The event will run on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    At the beginning of the event, there will be a short debating session, where attendees will be encouraged to discuss their views on Brexit, the EU and politicians. The purpose of the debate is to bring the group’s pent-up anger and frustration ‘to the forefront of their mind, so they benefit from the Rage Room.

    At the end of the Rage Room session, there will be a half hour meditation session, where groups will be encouraged to relax and unwind.

    Teams will also have to sit in on a short health and safety briefing before entering the Rage Room, and wear protective gear.

    “Since it was announced that the UK is leaving the EU in 2016 and Article 50 was triggered, Brexit has probably been the biggest talking point across Europe – and with Brexit Day just around the corner, people are more stressed than ever about what it will bring.

    “That’s why we decided that we needed to help at least a few teams relieve the stress of an uncertain future whilst having some fun, and what better way to do it than have them smashing up pinatas of politicians.”

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