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      Flexible working: The benefits and the rules

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      Study after study is revealing that companies which offer flexible working conditions have happier staff, fewer absences and are more likely to attract and retain top talent. Lisa Carter reports… Flexible working is no longer seen as a perk, with employees now actively seeking places that allow them to better juggle the work/life balance. Events […]

      Companies in danger of losing top talent due to lack of flexible working

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      A significant number of UK employees are seeking out flexible working to better juggle life both in and out of work, without compromising productivity. The latest findings from Wildgoose’s Flexible Working survey follow on from the organisation’s other insights surveys exploring Diversity & Inclusion and Mental health in the workplace.  The results showed that in organisations where flexible working […]

      8 out of 10 workers would turn down a job that doesn’t offer flexible working

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      If your company doesn’t offer flexible working, you’re missing out on attracting top talent, with 73 per cent of Brits believing that flexi-employment is the ‘new normal’. New findings by flexible workspace provider IWG shows that 80 per cent of those in the UK would chose a job which offered flexible working over a job […]

      Cold winters lower productivity levels

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      More than two-thirds of workers believe they are less productive and have lower concentration levels during the winter season compared to the warmer summer months. Today, Blue Monday, is statistically the day of the year when most people feel unproductive and unmotivated. So, it may come as no surprise that the cold weather is among […]

      Flexible working could benefit UK business

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      Flexible working was seen as a luxury that could only be taken by those that needed to be in and out an office all day. However, with flexible working becoming more popular in the UK, could UK business actually benefit? Workers who are offered the option of flexible working are benefiting UK business, taking less […]

      What will the future of the office look like?

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      With technology becoming more advanced every day, our working habits are changing at a rate unparalleled to any time in history previously. We are having to change and adapt to new surroundings and environments. So why would your office carry on looking the same? Even though no one can be sure what the office of […]

      Flexible part-time workers outperform those working full-time

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      The percentage of top performance ratings for part-time and reduced-hours workers is higher than across all staff, at 34% versus 14%, according to Working Families. The charity has released a new report in HR Magazine assessing the flexible, agile, and family-friendly working policies of its employer members. The 2018 Top Employers for Working Families Benchmark […]

      Flexible working can be liberating but also career limiting

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      The freelance economy is on the rise as professionals opt for independent, flexible working to achieve career fulfilment and a better work/life balance. Despite the rise in freelance workers, new research from Epson has revealed that freelancing can lead to career compromise and skill decay. The study, which surveyed 1000 UK freelancers, found that nearly […]

      Flexible working requests are on the rise as employers support flexible working

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      XpertHR reveals flexible working requests are on the rise as employers are increasingly supportive of flexible working More and more employees are asking for flexible working arrangements, according to XpertHR research, with employers attributing the rise to a more supportive workplace culture and the impact of recent legal changes. The survey of 229 employers across […]

      Bringing home into the office

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      Love Energy Savings reveals its tips on how employers and employees can make the working environment more homely. ‘Working from home’ – these three little words seem to resonate with the average British worker as strongly as ‘dress down Friday’ or a ‘cup of tea’. According to a recent survey, more than 44 per cent […]