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A Young Professional’s Guide to Remote Working & Mental Health

With millions of businesses shifting to work-from-home policies due to the pandemic, employees, including young professionals just starting out, have had to quickly adapt to remote work and its impact on their careers, work-life balance, and mental wellbeing.

Young professionals are a hungry breed of employee that will not stop at anything to climb the career ladder and obtain success. Unfortunately, this hard-working nature is also a double-edged sword that can end their career if they’re not careful. Overworking yourself in a remote environment can create plenty of unhealthy habits, which eventually lead to poor mental health and a feeling that you’ve hit a roadblock in your career. With few companies hiring at this time, young professionals have found themselves trapped in their home offices by the effects of the COVID-19 virus.

The guide offers a lot of great information, such as:

  • Why remote working has become the new normal due to lockdowns – An estimated 30% of the workforce could be home-based by the end of 2021.
  • How remote working can significantly affect physical and mental health.
  • Different ways you can alleviate stress when working from home, such as creating a comfortable work environment and taking regular breaks.
  • How employers can help to make working from home healthier and less stressful for their employees.
  • Advice on what businesses can do to make mental well-being a priority in the organisation.

Here’s the full guide if you’d like to check it out –