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      Is poor leadership making you want to quit your job?

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      More than a third of UK workers (36%) are planning to leave their company imminently because their boss does not inspire them, fails to listen to them or create a clear career structure. That’s according to the latest research by Jobrapido, which says within twelve months, two thirds of employees plan to leave due to their […]

      Can’t share concerns with your manager? You’re not alone

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      Twenty-four per cent of British workers state that there are few opportunities to share concerns or bring up issues with their employer, whilst 32% can discuss issues with managers but feel they are not addressed. That’s according to a survey of 2,000 Brits in employment carried out by workplace help platform Rungway, which concludes that […]

      45% of SME employees have quit because of their boss

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      Nearly half of SME employees having quit a job because of a boss, while four in ten do not feel trusted or valued.  That’s according to research from process management firm Process Bliss, which also revealed that 60% of UK SME employees believe the business would work better if they were left to get on with […]

      Why every manager needs empathy, optimism and resilience – and how to achieve it

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      What sorts of skills do managers really need? Ensuring that your team is happy is vital to productivity, energy levels and workplace wellbeing. Skills and effective behaviours expert Emma-Sue Prince (pictured) explains… You are probably used to tapping into a variety of skills, techniques and competences to manage people, teams and get the most out […]

      Nine practical ways to bring your team closer today

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      Steve Norris, sales director and workplace channel lead at Nestlé Professional® talks to businesses about the practical ideas they have to bring their teams closer Feeling part of a team is a key component to employee happiness and a sense of belonging in a business, according to nine in ten managers in the UK. The […]

      Opinion: Time is money – loss assessors and risk management

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      Unexpected events can crop up out of the blue at any time, which often can compromise an assistant’s schedule and time management – this is where a loss assessor can help. Alex Balcombe, director at Harris Balcombe, reveals why every PA should have one at the top of their emergency contact list. It’s not unusual […]

      How to be the frontline decision maker

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      Anna Walmsley, founder of DMC VIP Event Management in the south of France, shares her tips on how PAs can build their profile to ensure they are the lead decision maker Before setting up my business as a destination management consultant (DMC), organising corporate VIP events and incentive travel in the South of France, Andorra and Barcelona, […]

      Could you do a better job than your boss?

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      Millions of Brits see themselves as a better manager than their actual management, according to a new study by Multilotto. 44% of workers reckon they have more effective leadership skills than their superiors; Two in five believe they could improve communication channels with other members of staff, and one third would take efforts to organise […]

      What’s the secret to becoming a CEO?

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      What career path should you consider if you’re aiming for the top? According to new research, a ‘traditional’ job and a lot of patience is the secret to success. Bernard Forgues from emlyon business school worked with colleagues to identify the career trajectories of the top 100 CEOs according to the Fortune 100 listing of […]

      How much do you trust your boss?

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      Workers across the UK have revealed what they value in a boss, and how well their management live up to expectations. With many having a clear idea of how staff should behave and what to look for in a valuable employee, workplace incentive provider One4all Rewards has shifted the spotlight to employers to review what […]