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    How much do you trust your boss?

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    Workers across the UK have revealed what they value in a boss, and how well their management live up to expectations. With many having a clear idea of how staff should behave and what to look for in a valuable employee, workplace incentive provider One4all Rewards has shifted the spotlight to employers to review what we find the most important in an employer, be that a friendly smile or someone to share a pint with.

    The research revealed that being honest was the highest valued quality for UK workers while more than one in three just want a boss that feels approachable. Around a quarter of Brits seek out an employer that seems fair and organised, while one in five value sincerity above all else.

    The data also revealed how strong an impact a positive boss-employee relationship can have. One in four workers said that having a good working relationship with their boss would mean they would be more likely to stay at a company for more than five years.

    Despite being fair ranking among the top three qualities valued by workers, just 15% of the British workforce actually described their own boss as such, while just one in 10 feel their boss is sincere. Female workers are the most likely to value a boss who is approachable, while 45% of male workers covet honesty above anything else.

    “What I find particularly interesting about these findings is how many of the qualities we look for in an employer mirror those a lot of people would also seek out in new friendships outside of the workplace,” said One4all Reward’s UK Managing Director, Alan Smith. “Bosses don’t need to be friends with their employees, but having the basics of a respectful and honest relationship is important.”

    On top of these findings, the team discovered that 83% of Brits admitted they feel more loyal to a company after being regularly thanked and acknowledged by their supervisors.

    “There is so much advice out there about the intricacies of leadership that it can be quite easy to sometimes forget that, ultimately, people want to be managed by trustworthy, approachable and organised human beings.”

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