• Bosses are putting employee wellbeing at risk

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    Managers could be risking the health of their employees by not taking wellbeing seriously, according to a new report by HR Magazine. The study revealed by the HR news site showed that many businesses could be putting too much pressure on their staff to work outside of their contracted hours, and measures need to be taken to prevent major workforce fatigue.

    74% of HR professionals suspect workers are willing to put their wellbeing on the line in order to look good for the team, according to the study by charity CABA. The study showed that 42% HR professionals even believe that employee output and productivity is more important than staff wellbeing.

    Affecting most staff, the research suggests that workers across the country are being expected to contribute to the company after hours, on their days off and at the weekend. Almost one in five HR workers have staff regularly taking out their work frustrations with them each week, with a third agreeing that the staff routinely discuss irritations throughout the working month.

    “This isn’t a long-term, sustainable practice,” Kelly Feehan, services director for CABA told HR magazine. “The success of a business can’t simply be measured on sales; retention, engagement and client relationships should also be judged, all of which can be influenced by how well an employee is feeling on a day-to-day basis.”

    What’s the secret to a healthy workforce? Are flexible hours the key, maybe taking regular social media breaks, or even just going for a walk. Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


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