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    Happy Monday! Here are the biggest distractions you’ll face this week

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    A new study examining the intricacies of workplace communication found the average office worker has 17 meetings, gatherings with colleagues and conferences with clients each week. And to power through all that, they’ll consume 19 coffees or beverages from Monday to Friday. A study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with GoTo by LogMeIn examined the […]

    What will your workplace be like in 2030?

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    Unily has released an in-depth report analysing the key trends and issues shaping the workplace of tomorrow. The report, ‘Future of the Workplace 2030+’, has been co-created with the globally renowned futurist Anne Lise Kjaer, a regular on the TED Talks circuit best known for the ground-breaking book The Trend Management Toolkit. The report also draws […]

    Smart dress code at work? It’s a bit old hat

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    Only one in eight British workplaces now enforce a smart dress code, according to a new study. Research has revealed that staff, managers and directors are ditching shirts and ties in favour of more comfortable day-to-day attire, and the trend is accelerating. According to the study half of workers now follow a casual or smart […]

    Happy workers are 20% more productive – Is your office environment up to scratch?

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    With many workers spending up to 40 hours a week in an office, it should come as no surprise that the office environment is vitally important to 21% of people. New research from price comparison site MoneySuperMarket gauged the views of business owners and employees, to find out what perks, facilities, and styles are the most […]

    Trying to find a desk? That’ll take you two weeks, on average

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    Research conducted by HotDeskPlus shows 46% of UK office workers admit that unstructured hot desking is bad for their productivity, with an estimated average decrease in productivity levels of 31%. The research showed that businesses can lose almost two weeks’ worth of output a year from their workforce as a result of failing to implement a […]

    Is yours a happy office? It could be the design

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    The UK workforce are happier in their working environments than ever before, with more companies providing services to help deal with employee’s physical and mental well-being.  That’s according to the latest ‘What Workers Want’ report from property agency Savills. However, the report also suggests that office design can still hinder working productivity, with almost a […]

    Remember Tippex? Top 50 things British workers miss about the past

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    One-hour lunch breaks, working nine to five and a simple tea round are among the things office workers miss about the past. The research of 2,000 office workers aged 40 and over revealed the extent to which things have changed over the years, with six in 10 saying work was ‘easier’ in previous decades. Being […]

    The biggest workplace distractions… and how to avoid them

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    Picture this scene. You’ve arrived at the office nice and early, a hot coffee on your desk and fingers poised over the keyboard. You’re ready to work and ready to smash it. But before you can start, laughter and loud conversation breaks out, your phone starts to ping with Facebook notifications, someone’s talking about TV […]

    Can’t share concerns with your manager? You’re not alone

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    Twenty-four per cent of British workers state that there are few opportunities to share concerns or bring up issues with their employer, whilst 32% can discuss issues with managers but feel they are not addressed. That’s according to a survey of 2,000 Brits in employment carried out by workplace help platform Rungway, which concludes that […]

    6 ways to stay cool in your office this summer

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    Summer is bearing down upon us once again and with the famous unfamiliarity of British weather, a scorching heat wave could strike at any point. In your own home, it’s relatively easy to stay chilled – sit in front of a fan in shorts and t-shirt, of course – but in an office, where people […]