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    What does the office mean to you?

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    By Brett Hill, distribution director, Towergate Health & Protection For many office workers, ‘going to work’ does not just mean going to do work, it means to go and be a part of a common space, with people who share similar objectives, in an experience that is distinctly separate from the rest of life. There […]

    Taking a lunch break? Only 1 in 5 do

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    Just one in five workers use their lunch break to actually eat lunch every day – with others using the time to catch up on personal errands and browse social media instead. A study of 2,000 UK professionals found 79 per cent will tuck into their food as they work, so they can use their […]

    Post-lockdown office conundrum: Is it professional to wear headphones at work?

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    For many, wearing headphones at work can be helpful, but for some it’s seen as unprofessional, unsociable or even rude. It can be tricky to work out the best way to keep everyone happy, so music licensing company PPL PRS Ltd have put together some advice to help you gauge whether you’re in the right or wrong […]

    Revealed: What Brits want from their ‘dream’ workplace

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    Okay, let’s take a break from virus-related news and cast our minds forward to when we can actually work from an office again in the hopefully not too distant future – and help the animals too. Now isn’t that a lovely thought? According to research, Brits dream of a workplace with free soft drinks, glorious […]

    Do you get emotional over emojis in the workplace?

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    The ‘thumbs up’ emoji is the nation’s favourite way of conveying a ‘well done’ (51%), followed by the ‘OK’ emoji in second place (16%), ‘starry eyes’ (13%), ‘smiley face’ (11%) and ‘raised hands’ (10%). That’s according to research by Perkbox, which polled 1,000 working Brits found to celebrate World Compliment Day, a global initiative to […]

    Who are the most irritating people in your office?

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    Bob, John and Dave are the UK’s most irritating employees, with negative attitudes, lacklustre work ethics and an unwillingness to be team players. That’s according to a survey from Instaprint, which polled 1,000 British managers on the most irritating habits of UK employees, as well as revealing the top 10 names of the most hated […]

    How many non-work-related tasks do you do in the office each day?

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    Employees do 10 non-work-related tasks in the office each day, including holiday shopping, web browsing and doing online banking. A study of 2,000 office workers found 37 per cent have checked the menu of a restaurant they were planning to visit – while half will regularly check the weather outside when they should be working. […]

    Afternoon delight? Nearly one in five Brits have sex on their lunch break

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    Nearly a fifth (18%) of Brits are having sex on their lunch break, with Monday being the most popular weekday for such, um, activities. The study also revealed that those working in media/marketing were the most likely to hook up at lunchtime, with 21% admitting to having sex between 11am and 2pm. Civil servants and […]

    Remote working is ‘transforming the digital economy’

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    UK businesses are being advised to ensure they are ready to accommodate the rise of remote working – or risk being left behind. The advice follows the publication of a new guide to remote working, produced by utilities and communications specialist Glide, which contains new research, predictions and guidance for businesses. Between 2008 and 2018, there was a […]

    43% say becoming buddies with management helps get promotions

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    Over two in every five office workers believe making friends with the management helps them get promoted at work, but over a quarter struggle to make any friends in the office. That’s according to research conducted by B2B furniture ecommerce site Furniture At Work, asked 2,000 UK office workers about how they deal with friendships and social events in the workplace.  43% of Brits said that cosying up to management was a way of […]