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5 tips for building positive relationships with your colleagues

Boards have a big role to play in developing company culture

When you spend the majority of your time at work with your co-workers, it’s important to be able to get along with them. Here, Carol Williams from iMindQ presents her top five tips for building positive relationships with your colleagues.

1 Listen up – When you’re having a conversation with your colleagues, really listen to them. By actively listening, you’re showing that you’re interested in what they have to say and you might even learn something useful.

2 Share your experiences – While you don’t have to share every detail of your life with your co-workers, it’s always helpful to talk about lessons you’ve learned that are relevant to the situation. It makes you seem knowledgeable and approachable.

3 You can’t be friends with everybody – Building positive relationships with your colleagues doesn’t mean you have to be friends with everybody, especially if you’re in a position of power. It’s fine to be open and friendly, but don’t try to force it with people who keep their distance. Be professional and avoid non-business conversations with them.

4 Face to face is key – It’s possible that not all your colleagues work in the same office, in which case it’s important to make time for face-to-face meetings. This is the best way to show you value their input and care about their wellbeing.

5 Evaluate the company culture – Understand your company’s culture to figure out the best way to engage with your colleagues. One of the worst things you can do is approach the situation without doing your research.

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