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      New office, new you

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      With the market more competitive than ever before, should employers look at changing the office every five years to retain their talent and attract new employees? Not so long ago, the majority of businesses would change their office every ten years or so – either by relocating or refurbishing. However, with both technological advances and […]

      Are you guilty of taking workplace stresses home?

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      Workplace tensions have caused millennials to experience weight loss and sleep deprivation, a new study has found. There’s no doubt about it, our daily lives at work can often consume us and lead to anxiety, with many of us taking our worries home asking ourselves whether we sent that email or if we made that […]

      Top Christmas stories of the year

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      Take a look at the top Christmas related stories searched for on the PA Life website throughout 2018 and while you are at it, don’t forget to follow us on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.  Real-life Christmas party horror stories Over the past few weeks, Vincenzo Ferrara has been busy curating the PA Life guide […]

      What will the future of the office look like?

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      With technology becoming more advanced every day, our working habits are changing at a rate unparalleled to any time in history previously. We are having to change and adapt to new surroundings and environments. So why would your office carry on looking the same? Even though no one can be sure what the office of […]

      Workplace sitting could lead to chronic health issues, says study

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      Would you consider yourself a ‘couch potato’? This is a person who is physically active in their leisure time, but who also spends long periods of time sat time, which isn’t unusual for many office workers. However, it seems employees are wrongly assuming that keeping active during leisure time will protect them from the danger […]

      Is your office’s décor effecting your productivity?

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      Do you work in a drab office and are feeling anything but inspired? It could be due to your office surroundings that are limiting your productivity. Workplace productivity is being impeded as a direct result of dated office design, according to the Meeting Expectations report, released today by K2 Space. Following a survey of 1,000 Brits […]

      Are you left to the ‘office housework’?

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      After a study by Harvard Business Review discovered that women and people from BAME backgrounds in the office are left to carry out the ‘office housework’, Jade Burke speaks to some PA Life readers and consultants about whether this data rings true in the PA space. Cleaning up after a board meeting, fetching the teas […]

      How to give your office a makeover without breaking the budget

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      To help give some ideas on how you can give your office a makeover without breaking the budget, founder of and money saving expert at PIWoP, Charlie Stopford Sackville, shares his top tips. As the weather begins to cool down, employees are starting to spend more time inside the office rather than going out into […]

      Look out for Winser’s ‘wonder workwear’ with 10% off

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      Winser London has identified an important gap in the market for luxurious, quality women’s clothes at sensible prices. An exclusively designed collection that is modern, stylish and cleverly cut to flatter any figure. Established in 2013, Winser London is loved by loyal customers and international fashion editors alike. The brand has become known for its […]

      Top stories of the week

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      As we continue to keep you informed on what’s happening in the events world and keep up to date, don’t forget to check us out on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. What are the big business card no-nos Business cards have been a staple to every good business person for well over a century. Like anything else, they often follow […]