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    Top stories of the week

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    As we continue to keep you informed on what’s happening in the events world and up to date, don’t forget to check us out on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Real-life Christmas party horror stories  Over the past few weeks, Vincenzo Ferrara has been busy curating the PA Life guide to the juiciest real-life Christmas party horror stories. How to […]

    Opinion: Find your tribe

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    It’s no secret that building a strong internal network can help your career thrive. We speak to Lucy Chamberlain, founder and CEO of  C&C Search, about how finding your tribe can boost your career.  A supportive, thriving network within your workplace can be transformative to your career. Intentionally nurturing the right relationships, and building your tribe, […]

    Freelance work fad or future?

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    We are seeing more PAs become freelance due to being able to work from home and manage more than one boss at a time. Some decide to dabble with the freelance lifestyle for a short-term with the plan to go back to working in-house eventually. But more of those that have become freelance are choosing […]

    5 tips when interviewing candidates remotely

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    With time being a luxury for most businesses, seeing every candidate when interviewing is not always an option. Here are five top tips to consider when interviewing remotely. Seeing every candidate when interviewing for a role is often unachievable and not a good use of time, which is precious in any business. Therefore, telephone or video interviews […]

    How to be the game-changer in your business

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    Lucy Chamberlain, the founder and CEO of C&C Search, explains how changing one’s mindset can help PAs unlock super powers in order to make a difference and add value in their business. In today’s business world, you very rarely luck into things. The rise of the gig economy and multi-hyphen careers means PAs need to leverage emotional intelligence, actively seek out opportunities for personal growth […]

    30% of workers don’t feel as if they have a good work/life balance

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    A survey carried out by Automatic Data Processing (ADP) reveals that almost a third of UK workers are struggling to establish a good work/life balance. With technology improving at such a rapid rate, and the modern office opening up its interiors to become more hybrid workspaces, UK workers are struggling to clock-off, a study by Automatic Data Processing (ADP) has shown. The study, […]

    Join us at the PA Life Christmas party awards

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    This year’s PA Life Christmas Party will be held at the prestigious London venue, Toy Room. As part of the fun of the evening, PA Life has introduced five prestigious awards. The awards night, being held on November 26 will see PA Life announce the winners.   The awards include: Networker of the year – an […]

    Reserve your space at PA Life’s must-attend Christmas party

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    To end the year on a high, PA Life is hosting its very own Christmas party this month inside the exclusive London club Toy Room. Taking place on November 26, guests will be able to enjoy some festive cheer and network with their peers, so don’t miss out on your chance to reserve your space […]

    How does the budget affect you, the PA?

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    On Monday afternoon we saw the delivery of the most recent budget report from Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer. He announced that we are coming to the end of the era of austerity, and that we should see the country in a much more prosperous light. After his 72-minute speech, we have sorted through […]

    Opinion: When are ‘out of office’ requests out of order?

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    As an assistant of any kind can be asked to work hours around the clock for your boss. If that means booking a last-minute flight at 2am or arranging a last-minute meeting at the end of the day, then that’s what you do. But, are out of office requests reasonable? And if so, where is […]